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    Something stuck in my brakes?

    Just dusted off the bird getting ready for the shootout. It's been sitting for several months. Anti-lock and Brake lights are both on, pedal is hard as a rock. Can I unstick something?
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    Auburn Pro Diff Fluid

    I'm putting an Auburn Pro diff. in my '90. Does it require a specific fluid?
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    Kooks shorty R&R

    I need to remove the drivers side header to fix a leak. Does anyone know if it can simply be unbolted and removed from the underside or will I have to remove/move other things such as steering knuckle, intercooler piping, etc? (These old ones seem to be made of swiss cheese so I am assuming...
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    Went to the local O'reilly and had my #2 "90 put on the computer. The reason was that once warmed up the check engine light would come on it would develope a miss. (A rather profound miss!) This machine, an Optima 3120, said: "cylinder 6." Anyone know if that could be more than plug or wire...
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    another plug wire thread

    I have the shudder, stutter under load that comes with misfit plug wires, etc. When I pull the wires and reinstall them I get the same thing, slightly different. For example, the initial problem may be a rather violent shudder. When I pull and reinstall the wires its more like a "popcorn...
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    New unused frpp aluminum pumpkin

    Change of plans. Has a 3.73 gear. (Has a speedo gear as well) 500.00 delivered to the shootout.:cool:
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    Header gasket part #

    The local talent at O'Reillys' can't find a part number for a header gasket. Can anyone help me out? Felpro preferably.
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    Key tumbler adjustment?

    Insert key into ignition tumbler. It must go all the way in then pull out on the black tab (it has a bit of play in it) before it will allow the turn. Is there an adjustment or a way to tighten it up?
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    Central florida

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    Are Ford Dealerships competent?

    I am about to close the deal on an SC with a run issue. Seller says after it has run awhile it developes a miss. I want to have him take it to a dealer and get it diagnosed/fixed so I can fly down and drive it home. Waste of time and money?
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    Manual to Auto

    Can anyone point me to a thread, or resource, setting out the process of converting a manual tranny to auto?
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    4.5 liter V-6

    Has anyone tried to put the 4.5 SVO V-6 (based on the 3.8) into an SC? It can be bored and stroked to 312 c.i.d. Part No: M-6010-E380. I have no idea whether it will bolt up same as the 3.8, but the info I have says it retained the production clutch housing bolt pattern for use with ford...
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    Ignition switch? (part 2)

    Special thanks to KMT and the-big-e for a R&R on the ignition switch. Having completed that fix I still have a problem with starting. Some times it do and sometimes it don't. I can always turn the key to on and jump to the starter at the solenoid as a means of starting. Using the switch...
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    Ignition switch?

    Anyone have a link to a "R&R" for an ignition switch on a 1990?
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    Won't start

    I have a 1990 that just decided to quit starting. When I try to turn it over it clicks as if the gear on the starter is engaging the flywheel but it doesn't turn over. No hum, grind, nothing. Battery appears to be fully charged. It did this once before. I turned on the headlights to see if...