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    Long time owner...looking for a Ripper shifter for the M5R2

    Doing some maintenance on my 35th 5speed. Going to do a fluid flush on the trans and it's a good time to also do a ripper shifter. I figured I'd try my luck on the forum since these are no longer available anywhere. Any help appreciated!
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    What do you use as your "wash out" quart of oil when doing an oil change?

    Usually when doing an oil change, I let the car sit for a while so that I get as much old oil as possible to drip out. In addition, after sitting for a few minutes I dump a quart of clean oil in small spurts so that it "washes down" more of the old oil. I usually just use an extra quart of...
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    Modification to use a late-style JBL radio unit on an early-style car...diagram?

    I recall there were instructions on how to modify the wiring harness on an early 89-93 car to accept a later style 94+ radio. I think the directions were in the 35th registry site (which unfortunatelly seems to no longer exist). I know these exist because I did the mod on my first SC. Does...
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    caliper bleeder valve sizes for 95

    Finally going to get around to patching the leaking brake line on the 95 chameleon blue. Last time I did brake work the bleeder valves were starting to get a little rounded. Since I'm doing a full fluid flush this time around, I'd like to replace all bleeder valves in all 4 corners. Anyone...
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    Thin plastic covers for AC spring locks

    It's probably a long shot, but does anybody have any part numbers or info on these spring lock covers? There are no markings and I haven't been able to find them online. If at all possible, I'd like to keep them. In "theory" they work well....but we all know they end up coming out at some...
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    Teflon or antiseize when installing retrofit r134a fittings to r12 hoses?

    Just wondering what you guys recomend to put on the threads when installing the new r134a fittings to existing r12 hoses. Teflon or antiseize? Or nothing? Thanks for any input.
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    Craiglist find in Maine...2k mile 35th anniversary, automatic

    Stumbled upon this beauty. No affiliation. Looks great!!!!
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    Craigslist find: 95 Chameleon blue in Seattle area.

    I was browsing around and found this 95 on craigslist. Rare chameleon blue, but automatic. Still rare nontheless.
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    Reusing A/C evaporator and expansion valve questions

    So I have some AC work in the line for my 35th and my 95. I'm gathering the parts to do a full replacement for the 35th: condenser, dryer, lines, maybe compressor. However, I'm frowning upon replacing the evap because it appears that the only way to replace it is by dropping the dash. Not really...
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    Rust repair under battery tray (pix) what do you suggest?

    I’m doing some work on the 35th and I removed the battery. I was a little shocked to find some of the metal under the battery tray was being eaten out. The car has less than 60k miles, so it’s most likely due to battery acid from an old or faulty battery. I know the most permanent fix is cutting...
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    Positive/Negative battery cables for a 90 SC

    Looking for a used, but complete, set of battery cables for a 90. Everything from the terminals, to all the branching connectors reaching the starter. I realize by now most battery terminals are shot or have aftermarket ends...that's OK. As long as all the other connectors/ends are OK so that I...
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    New-to-me 35th 5-speed.

    So, I bought this 35th, my dream 35th, from a fellow long-time SCCoA member at the end of last year. It’s a fully loaded 35th 5speed. In the past I owned a one-owner 35th, but it was not fully loaded. So I sold that and always wanted another one. I saw a very vague post about the previous owner...
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    Ford Part Numbers for both 89-92 Teves MK II ABS relays, can anyone confirm?

    I would like to try and source some NOS OEM relays for the Teves II ABS. Can anyone confirm these two PN's are correct? Do they differ by year? This is going on a 90. 1- Grey ABS control module relay: F0SZ-2C013-A 2- Brown ABS pump relay: E7LY-8Z658-A Thanks!
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    Anyone have Duffy Floyd's Teves Mark II article handy?

    I can't find the file in my computer. Search function is down in the site so I was wondering if anyone out there can send it to me. Trying to diagnose the lights coming up on my 35th. Thanks!
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    Door lock went "click" when turning key...and its now inop

    Driving the new-to-me 35th the past couple weeks. All good, but this morning when I went to use the key to open the door, the key turned, I heard a subtle "click" and the door lock didn't open. It was a subtle click, but definitely sounds like something gave out and broke. Any clues? I've used...
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    Shaft on window motor came out...are they repairable? (Pix)

    Never really had this happen to me before in the countless times I've had to replace the bushings:confused::confused:. You can put the shaft back in the bore, but the hole seems to be just too big (tee hee). Just wondering if this is repairable or of the motor is just good for parts or...
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    NOS Keyless entry pad

    I really only need the gasket, but I would consider swapping the entire keyless entry pad with a NOS unit with the gasket intact. If anyone has one, please let me know. Thanks!
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    Best lube for electric antenna?

    Noticed the antenna started sticking a little bit with the cold weather. Going to clean up the debris but was wondering what would be the best lube to use? Looking for something a little better than just good ol' WD40. Is white lithium grease good on these?
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    Bushings for radiator mounts...has anyone replaced these?

    Howdy all, Has anyone changed the bushings in the radiator mounts? I don't really think it's that necessary to replace them...however...when I was replacing the radiator in the teal car a few weeks ago I was spainting the mounts and thougt it would be much better to get them...
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    My observations on new Spectra Radiator CU1879 for 94-95 SC's.

    So the 94 teal is getting a new radiator and a few other items. I opted for a Spectra Premium radiator since it is all-metal and has a limited lifetime warranty from Autozone. During the install I ran into a few things that I wanted to share with the group as FYI. At the end, even though the rad...