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    Plastic piece

    I need either side or the whole plastic piece between windshield and hood for 90 SC.
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    90 sc gas tank

    My early tank is distorted & leaking at the fuel pump, anybody have a good one they could bring to Carlisle?Or around the Phila.area?
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    90 jbl amp

    Does anybody have a good 1990-93 jbl amp?
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    Pass. fender

    Looking for35th or black pass. fender(1990)
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    Motor install

    New motors going in,is it easier to bolt the motor mounts to the block first or to the k member first?
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    Speed is king

    Saw thefastest v6 s/c i ever saw 21lbs boost whipple +some tricks i can`t tell(198.mph on concrete 3 mile airport runway)Best part, late 60`s year old driving/wrenching, impressive! 1
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    Speed is king

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    motor plate

    Help,i`m doing first s/c rebuild,motor plate looks like a semi ran it over...need a good oldie.Motor`s ready this is all i need..
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    35th registery

    Did`nt this site have registery?Does anybody know for sure how many were made?