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    35th floormats / idler pullys.

    i have a set of 35th anniversary floormats. i bought them new used them once or twice to go to car shows. $100.00 Also i have a set of steel idler pullys from scp. Had them for about a year 10,000 miles or so. Still work like new. $30.00 If you would like pictures tell me and ill email them to...
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    for sale 89-93 headlights only were on the car about a year. Still very clear. 125.00 for the set. Also i have clear corners. 20.00 each pm me your email ill send pictures. i had these up once before but buyers backed out and was a big mess. first come first serve. buyer pays shipping...
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    rear shocks for 90-91 SC

    for sale NIB 2 rear Motorcraft ARC Shock Kits. This includes the lower shock mounting bolts and nuts and the top mounting nuts too. $160.00 for the set plus shipping
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    MPIII w/ plenum and 70mm tb

    I have an MPIII with magnum powers plenum and a 70mm throttle body for sale 800 takes all. oh and theres a 10% pully on the blower.
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    couple parts for sale

    excellent condition Weather stripping for drivers and passengers side doors. Pending 35th anny Floormats $100 I bought them new and put them in the car once. MPIII with plenum $800 10% blower pulley $100 pending local sale on friday. Black leather seats front and back. good condition. $250...
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    Little cooling info

    So ive been experimenting with the SC's cooling abilitys since my fan seized up a couple months ago. before the fan seized and burnt all the wiring the car ran at about 180-200 with 180 degree thermostat. This is what ive got so far. My motor was rebuilt about 40,000 miles ago (3 years). and...
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    35th doors

    Does anyone have 35th anny doors they want to sell from a parts car or something? rust free if possible but ill take what i can get as long as they are straight.
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    Radiator fan motor seized up

    Sooo the radiator fan motor seized up and melted quite a bit of wiring. Theres a gray connector looking thing by the fuse box under the hood....the wires comming out of that thing melted too anyone know what that is? and when i try to run codes koeo style i get nothing no cel light blinks or...
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    vibration when turning right

    When I am turning right i can feel a big vibration in my shifter handle and the seat and a very little bit in the steering wheel. the car still turns fine but theres a horrid vibration and grinding noise and it gets worse with increased speed. I checked the front suspension pretty good and...
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    modified Maf question

    I have an 80mm mark VIII maf bridge cut out and all. as far as drilling out the sampling tube. Im assuming it would have to be drilled out to match size the injector you are running. Correct? and would anyone know correct sizes?
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    rear IRS sub frame mounts

    rear IRS sub frame mounts. the ones that are the front ones. non rusted please i already have rusted ones.:rolleyes: thanks greg
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    13s here too.

    mild cam mildly ported heads exhaust underdrives teflon coated rotors in 89 blower (10-11 lbs of boost) stock size street tires
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    need blower rotor case

    Hey i need a M90 rotor case. must have no or very little scoring on the inside case walls. any model will do 89-95. All i need is the rotor case. no rotors or snout assembly. Thanks, Greg
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    90sc vs 240sx.

    A couple months ago i was going to the local high school to pick up my sister. Well on my way out there was a bright red nissan 240 sx standard transmission, and black wheels. It looked kinda nice actually, so i followed. well that day there was quite a bit of traffic so i couldnt really race...
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    Need some discontinued parts asap.........

    Ok i need some parts that ford discontinued. I need the 22mm nylon nuts that are on the front strut rods and i need the bolts that connect the rear lower control arms to the frame. Where can i get these? or does anyone have any laying around?
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    wires near oil pan (two white on black)?

    i have a 90 sc. theres a couple of wires (two white one black) that are by the oil pan and run parallel to two either fuel lines or brake line idk which. but these wires have a placstic connector located about mid oil pan. mine was disconnected misteriously when i got home today. what do those...
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    TRS transmissions orland park IL

    If some of u guys near chicago nead a good transmission shop heres the one to go to. Jerry is the name of guy i dealt with very knowlegeable and very nice guy. very fast service. i dropped my car off there monday evening it was done tuesday afternoon. i had the old trans dropped and a new art...
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    more electrical problems

    ok so i was trying to hook up this gauge right and i cant get it to work. and now my back lights on my cluster dont work either. the firm ride light and sealt belt and etc work but not the back lighting isnt that all the same circut? and i have grounds and power hooked up i thought thats whut...
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    tranny cooler lines

    ok i tryed to search this but i couldnt find the thread i found yesterday. but which tranny line is the one that goes from the trans to the cooler. the top or bottom?
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    wtb mark VIII 80mm MAF

    hey anyone have a mark VIII 80mm maf they want to give up?