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    Completely parted out 91 SC, white with red cloth

    parts Sent you a PM, Thanks. Tim
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    Finally tinted the windows

    Yea, nice contrast! What size wheels/tires are you running? Nice work, Tim
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    Rear Subframe Bushings (Used, just one of each type)

    Still looking? I sent you an PM. Tim
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    Dash form a 91 SC

    Hey Ed, Sent you a email. Thanks, Tim
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    Some stock and aftermarket parts

    David, I sent you a pm. Thanks, Tim
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    Supercoupe Performance

    Got this from Bill, The SCP website currently is showing a Server Error. This is a symptom of the success of our site because we frankly have too much information/pictures, too many products, and too much activity and our site is maxed out on memory. We need to upgrade the site and we are...
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    PARTING OUT 11 SCs FROM 89-95

    I do not, could you PM me? I greatly appreciate it! Tim
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    PARTING OUT 11 SCs FROM 89-95

    Anybody heard from Ed? Anyone heard back from Ed? I got a few things from him and he is usually quick to respond either here or via email. Thanks, Tim
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    Need a Gray Dash cover

    ?? Hey Guys, Not to mis-direct this thread, but- can our dashes be re-skinned or re covered? I had mine somewhat repaired a couple of years ago but it is so crispy it just cracked again sitting in the garage. I have seen a lot about the dash crack, but not a lot of talk about a permanent...
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    Please vote for my car!!

    I was 490, going to work later I'll try the different computer/browser thing. Good luck Tim
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    Drivers Side Manual Seat Track

    Thomas, I sent you a PM over at TCCoA. Thanks
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    WTB hood opening grilles for Cervinis Hood (89-93)

    When you get them,post the results and or how much "adjustment" they need. Thanks.
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    Which hood/front end on my SC?

    Anybody got pics? Bringing back the dead.. Happy Labor Day! I'm looking for pics/locations for the pin placement and pics of the underside of the finished hoods, etc. I'm sure a lot of folks have these. Trying to figure out how to make a clean install with a finished look. Thank you for...
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    Rock Auto Discount Code

    Thank you Mr. Miller! Tim
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    90 Super Coupe part out

    pm Sent you a pm. Tim
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    90 Super Coupe part out

    Looking for the piece under the passenger side cowl panel? The outer cowl sits on top of it and is bolted to the bulkhead. Also what shape are the cowl panels in? Thanks Tim
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    Rear Shock tower brace

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a rear shock tower brace for my 91' bird. Anybody got one? Thanks Tim
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    Parting Out 92 Super Coupe 5 speed

    Sent you a PM Thanks
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    Parting out a 93 sc auto

    Sent you a PM. Thanks Tim