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    Bulk WIX filters for SuperCoupe

    I no longer own any SuperCoupes and have a master pack of WIX filters that have 10 oil filters in it. I am attempting to get about $30 bucks for all 10. Will ship but you will be responsible for shipping.
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    Sprectra Radiator

    I no longer own any SuperCoupes and have this BRAND new in a box spectra radiator available for sale. I can ship it but you would pay to ship. It has never been opened and the box is open only because my son grabbed the edge to move it and it popped open. I remember paying about 350 for it or...
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    1995 thunderbird SC

    This is now on craigslist in the louisville, KY area. IT is my car.
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    95 leather shifter with overdrive wires attached

    I'm in need of 94-95 leather shifter with overdrive wires attached and working. Shipped to 47250 or Louisville KY area pickup. Let me know please as I messed mine up and I've read repairing them isn't the way to go.
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    95 SC tstat housing

    I'm looking for a good condition 95 tstat housing for my schedule. Mine has been leaking small amounts due to some divets on the mounting surface a and gaskets just don't seem to work. If anyone has one let me know.
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    20" wheels for sale or trade

    I've a set of 20" boss wheels with the 5x108 bolt pattern that I'd like to sell. Come with tires. Front tires are nexen 245/35r20 back are volanza same size. Tires are maybe 6 months old not much wear. Wheels need a good cleaning but otherwise great condition. I've just decided to step down to...
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    Misc parts near southern indiana

    I need a trunk lid and ds door for a 95 bird. Color does not matter at all. Would like to keep travel to a minimum but not afraid to if needed. I have PayPal and cash whichever you prefer.
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    Looking to swap some 20's for some 18's

    I recently bought some BoSs brand 20 x 8 chrome wheels and I'm not a fan of them on my car. They are 5x108 bolt pattern and have 3 good tires. One tire is in need of replacing. They cold use a good scrub as well which I may do this week. I'm interested in trading for some 18's with the bird bolt...
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    94-95 pearl white passenger door

    As title says I'm looking for a 94-95 pearl white passenger door near southern Indiana. Will pick up. Must be pearl or wont work.
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    I'm in search of wheels for my 95 SC I am looking for 18's with tbird bolt pattern. I would consider any and all 17's or 18's any color just shoot me pics.
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    Random parts for 95 SC

    I have a laundry list of parts I need for my current SC. I'm hoping I can drum up some of them by posting here So here it goes: SC thermostat housing Egr tube Info center (low fuel, low coolant, firm ride thing) Shifter assembly (whole thing) And just in case somebody reads this who may have...
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    1995 Ford Thunderbird

    Ice-Cable submitted a new Showcase Item: 1995 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
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    Rear end

    1995 Supercoupe automatic I was curious about the rear diff in my 95. I have read everywhere that ALL SC's come with a trac lock rear end. Mine seems to not. One wheel peel, wont fishtail EVER.......what could be issue? Also, My ABS light stays on and my trac control button says off. Let me...
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    1995 Supercoupe automatic A few months ago I had the cats removed and pipes welded in but I HATE the way the car sounds. I was looking for opinions as to whats my next best move.I was thinking of putting some high flow cats back on and losing the resonator. Maybe some not stock...
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    1993 SC - Engine Blown - Hanover, IN

    White 93 Supercoupe 130,xxx miles on blown engine (main bearing) auto tranny (rebuilt 5 years ago but has sat for 3) Grey leather interior premium sound (w/factory amp) Body and interior need a serious cleaning but are real nice. Body is straight, only rust I know of is on interior bottom of...
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    random bucking and CEL

    I've read countless amounts of threads and I cant seem to figure out what is going on. I have a random CEL that comes on it doesnt have a pattern to it at all. Just before it comes on the car gets a slight bucking maybe two times then it runs rougher for a split second then its good but the CEL...
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    93 Supercoupe

    White 93 Supercoupe 130,xxx miles on blown engine (main bearing) auto tranny (rebuilt 5 years ago but has sat for 3) Grey leather interior premium sound (w/factory amp) no title so would be a parts car. Body and interior need a serious cleaning but are real nice. Body is straight, only rust I...
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    Shifter Bezel

    Looking for someone who is willing to sell a 97 black shifter bezel trim thing with the cupholders in it. And the black trim bezel for the stereo, hvac, and speedometer area.
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    forum app for smart phones

    Does this forum have an app for iPhone or Android? I do ALOT of surfing from my phone and a forum app would be fantastic. Just done food for thought.
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    I have already posted on here but I thought I would throw an intro post in the mix. I have lurked on here for years using all the information to my advantage but never actually joined. I am now a full fledged member of the SCCOA. I am a long time T-bird enthusiast. I always enjoyed the car as...