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    1990 SC will start then immediately die

    what about the ground behind the fuel rail, that ground is just for the injector harness. I would also use that harness to check the resistance of the injectors. I have had a few injectors fail over the years and it will drive you crazy.
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    89 clutch pedal

    looking for a 89 clutch pedal shipped to 01529
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    parting out 2 1990 supercoupes.....

    so what about a price with whatever parts you would include them with
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    parting out 2 1990 supercoupes.....

    I am looking for a set of the brackets that are riveted to the rear quarter and hold the body molding. How much plus shipping to 01529?
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    Custom gauge cluster

    you're right about the view being limited. now that i've seen what you've done, i'm thinking of trying the same thing. I will try painting the bezels black. the b terminal is not on the dimmer, the lighting circuit is seperate.
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    Custom gauge cluster

    that is correct. i actually took the gauges out of the cups and put them in the cluster with very little modification.
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    MA state inspection

    safety check only for 96 and older
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    helpp need to find a new rag joint

    there won't be a direct replacement, but i know for a fact that you will find the new rubber in the HELP! section. I think they're dorman parts.
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    Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

    I have used both 20 and 12 ton presses on these. The best way I found was to heat the whole hub with the bearing in it to about 200 degrees(I used my oven). You still need the press but it slides right out. I usually leave the new bearing in the freezer for a couple hours and install it while...
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    I went to a car show a couple years back with my 89. When I pulled in they put me next to a 93 notch with a turbo. Needless to say there was a crowd around the Mustang and the Tbirdy got no attention. Anyway, a guy pulls next to me with a Viper. He gets out and immediately starts talking to me...
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    Suspension Bushing Questions...links included

    The moog bushings are much stiffer, better road feel. The tradeoff is they are require more maintenance.
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    Suspension Bushing Questions...links included

    For the strut rod bushings I use Moog. I have to change the frame side every 3 to 4 years, but they are lifetime warranty. I put about 10,000 miles a year on the car.
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    1990 SC won't pass RI state inspection

    I would check the ect on the manifold, if it's bad the car will run really rich because it will always think the engine is cold. I know the Haynes manual has the resistance specs.
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    Mustang mufflers?

    i recently put on a set from an 07 and they sound good. no drone to speak of. it's pretty quiet at idle and has a low rumble when you get on it. these are a lot of work to get on though. i had to cut off the rear tow points because they are very wide.
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    Autometer Gauges Inside Stock Cluster

    they are 2 1/16, i did not try the boost because i did not have one. i can tell you that would be a real challenge because it is connected to the fuel gauge. the gauges went in almost too easy. when i pulled the autometer gauges out of the pods i was surprised to see how similar they are to our...
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    Autometer Gauges Inside Stock Cluster

    I picked up some carbon fiber gauges on the cheap from craigslist to try an idea I'd been kicking around. What do you guys think.
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    Seat belt and ding´s

    it has been years since i removed mine, but i believe it is behind the glove box.
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    head unit & cd player

    94soupcoupe your inbox is still full - let me know what you want to do
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    Spotted out o towner SC

    thanks for the compliment, finally got home about 8:30. pretty cool to be able to take a 23 year old car on a 2500 mile trip. people seem to be pretty laid back in the south. no tolls and 70 mph from virginia to south carolina was nice too.
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    head unit & cd player

    no, he is saying the one i sold him doesn't work