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    1994 Ford T-bird SuperCoupe 5-Speed

    not mine, thought I would pass it along. Jerry
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    93 SC Michigan SOLD!!

    Updated: If you need more photos let me know! Jerry
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    WTB: Clear Headlights

    I'm looking for some clear/newer headlight housings without any yellow tint from age. Let me know, Jerry
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    SC bearing

    1 new bearing for a SC snout rebuild. Note there are 2 bearings in the snout i'm only selling 1 that I have extra. Just make me an offer. Free shipping Thanks, Jerry
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    SCP/KOOKS 3.8L Super Coupe Mid-Length Headers New

    Not mine but thought i would post. Jerry
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    Blinker assembly

    I need the blinker assembly, for some reason when I wiggle it around my head lights turn off.. Thanks, Jerry 49444
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    My new toy's PHOTOS

    I got a Magnuson 94/95 S-port Supercharger with ported plenum for a 75mm throttle body, just rebuilt the snout and fresh paint. here are some pic.s Jerry
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    Chroming Question

    Would it be wise to chrome a sc pulley? Or would it be a bad idea? Seems to me like the belt would slip or the chrome would fall off? Thanks, Jerry
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    Mark (Duffy) floyd

    Email Address: User Name: Duffy Floyd Vendor/Individual: Individual Comments: Duffy has always been great to work with, and deal with just wanted to say thanks for all the parts, meals, and help you done for me. Very trusted guy, as everyone knows. Thanks, Jerry
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    WTB: Clutch, B&M shifter

    Let me know what you got looking for a 89-93 clutch, and a B&M ripper shifter. thanks, Jerry
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    Drive Shaft question

    Is the 5-speed drive shaft from a 94/95 the same as the 89/93 5-speed drive shaft? Thanks, Jerry
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    WTB: 5-Speed Drive Shaft

    In need of a 5- Speed Drive Shaft for my 5-Speed conversion. Let me know what you got. Jerry
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    94-95 Rebuilt Supercharger & Plenum

    As Stated I have a 94-95 Rebuilt Supercharger and plenum for sale. It's painted red you can look at my garage for the photos, the paint is High temp engine paint that has held up great. The rebuild has about 2k miles on it and has no play or noise and the rotors look great. Make me an offer...
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    70mm bbk tb

    $100.00 Used but in great shape! 89-95 Thunderbird Super Coupe. Link: email or pm me. Thanks, Jerry
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    94-95 white face gauges

    94-95 white face gauges, Cheapest i have ever seen. Jerry
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    5 Speed Swap question

    I have everything I need to convert my 93 auto to a 5 speed setup out of a 89 SC. A couple of things, do i need to change the trans wiring harness? And also do i need the 89 5 speed EEC or can I use mine? Thanks, Jerry
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    lentech AOD TQ Converter Price Drop !!!!!!!!!!

    I have a lentech AOD TQ Converter, nonlocking, 2,200 stall for sale that I was planning on putting in my car but now im going back to a 5 speed swap. $200 or possible performance parts trade. Now $175 shipped Thanks, Jerry
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    Windshield Swap

    So I'm thinking of taking a windshield out of a parts car and putting it in mine? Has anyone had any good or bad luck? Thanks, Jerry
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    Engine 50k Just a find if there is any interest. Jerry
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    Suspention Ebay

    Cheap O.E suspension set. This is a SET of 12 SUSPENSION PARTS 2 Upper Control Arm 1-K8598 & 1-K8596 Include bushings and ball joints, 2 Lower Control Arm 1-K80053 R & 1-K80055 L include bushings and ball joints, 2 Outer Tie Rod Ends 2-ES3004 2 Inner Tie Rod Ends 2-EV127 2...