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    91 SC Speedometer ( non working )

    Anyone have a non working speedometer for a 91 SC ? I would like to buy it for parts. Thank You
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    91 trip odometer reset spring

    I put new odometer springs in my 91 SC. When I took it apart the trip odometer reset spring shot out like a rocket and I cant find it. Anyone happen to have one I would appreciate it very much ? Message me here or PM me Thank You
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    power window double switch

    I am looking for a power window double switch for my 91 Thunderbird. It is the window switch that is located on the drivers side armrest. Part number is E9SZ-14529-B Thank You
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    Seat Belt Track ( Drivers Side )

    I am looking for a drivers side seat belt track for my 91 SC Anyone help ?
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    91 SC Seat Belt Track Motor ( Drivers Side )

    I am looking for a 91 SC drivers side motor for the retracting shoulder seat belt Anyone help please ? Thank You
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    91 SC Shoulder Belt ( seat belt )

    91 SC Shoulder Belt on drivers side does not move rearward when drivers door is fully closed. Passenger side shoulder belt is working fine. Anyone ever had the same problem ? Looking for help please. Thank You
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    synthetic oil

    Does anyone run Synthetic oil in their SC...I have a 91. Is it ok to use it and what viscosity ? Thank You
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    Coolant Recovery tank Sensor

    I am looking for a Coolant recovery tank sensor for my 91 SC..I guess a year or 2 eother way would work ? The length of the stem is about 10 1/2 to 11 " PM please if you can help Thank You
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    How To Test Coolant Tank Sensor 91 SC

    Can anyone here give me a step by step instructions on how to test my coolant tank sensor with a Digital Multimeter PM it to me please or instruction here. Thank You DougH
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    Coolant Recovery Tank Sensor 91 SC

    I am looking for a working coolant recovery tank sensor for a 91 SC. Anyone have one that is guaranteed to work ? PM me please with location and price Thanks Guys
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    VMM Radiator Light

    I have a 90 SC. My radiator and recovery tank are both full of coolant. Any help as to why my VMM is showing Radiator add coolant light is lit ? Thanks Guys
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    91 Thermostat Housing

    looking for a Thermostat Housing for a 1991 Thunderbird SC 3.8L..Anyone that can help PM me please with price and shipping......Thx guys
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    Throttle Body and Linkage

    I have a 1991 SC that I bought new. The clip or fastener that connect them both together broke while I was driving. Long story short I fried the tranny and cost me 3K to get rebuilt. Ford can't tell me what type of clip if any connects the 2 together. I don't know if its a e-clip or what. Can...
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    Power Steering

    I have a 1991 Thunderbird SC 3.8 liter. I am trying to find out what type PSF to use. I have been told Type F and either or Mercon V. Anyone help please ? Thank You
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    A/C Compressor

    I am looking for a working A/C Compressor for my 91 SC PM me please with price and location Thank You
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    Looking for a complete working VMM for a 91 SC PM me please............Thank You
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    cooling system

    I recently put in a OE Thermostat. The level in the coolant recovery tank does not go up when I drive the car up to operating temperature. Any ideas as to what the problem could be. Also I thought the engine was running hot, and I was told the temperature gauge was not working properly. Also the...
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    looking for temperature gauge

    I am looking for a temperature gauge for my 91 T-Bird SC 6cyl 3.8L part #E9SZ-10883-B It has a black face. Help anyone . Thank You
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    I am looking for a VMM for my 91 SC,,,,,,My dash is all Black