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    Which Serpentine Belt Size? (Or Part Number)

    BLOWN38 & Kurt K Thanks for your help and information. I thought it would be an easy temporary solution to driving it without PS for a few weeks. But if i would have bypassed the PS pulley, I was afraid that the belt would have rubbed against the lower radiator hose. So, for now i decided...
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    SOLD - Azusa SC for sale

    This was a BEAST!!! Hope someone brings her back to life. Good luck with the sale! :cool:
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    Looking for Ron

    Hey John, Glad to see you a post from you again. It's been a long time. Ron did come on a while ago (maybe a year or two) and made a couple posts, but since then haven't seen him post. Sorry, I don't have his contact information. Hope you are able to contact him. :cool:
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    Which Serpentine Belt Size? (Or Part Number)

    Hey guys, I temporarily need to use a serpentine belt that can bypass the Power Steering Pump OR the A/C Pulley, does anyone know which size/brand/part number I need? I could also bypass both AC pulley and PS pump if necessary. Oh, and the car is completely stock. Thanks.
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    93 5 speed for sale in Fontana California

    I have seen that SC for sale in craigslist. In the craigslist ad, they are asking for $2K OBO. I do hope someone picks it up. CL Link:
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    So-Cal Members and their SC Status

    5SpeedRed93 & whitebird93 I remember that BBQ that whitebird93 setup and it was a good turn out. We had like 7 or 8 birds out there. I have a coolant leak that needs to be addressed, so it could be a couple months before the SC would be road worthy. However, I could still show up in a Ford...
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    So-Cal Members and their SC Status

    Hey 5SpeedRed93, As you may have noticed, there isn't much being posted on the so-cal forum. It's been a while since we had an SC meet-up, but if a post is started for a possible meet up, I am sure we could have a few people show up. P.S. Welcome to the So-Cal Chapter! :cool:
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    Are all our cars pre-wired for auto on/off lights?

    I don't think it's that simple. I remember helping a friend replace a dash that had auto lights (vehicle didn't come equipped with that feature) and i think we also had to replace the turn signal switch. But it's been over 10 years since we did that, so can't remember all the details. Hope...
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    Free in Socal: 89-93 "supercharger inlet plenum"

    Hi, I can pick up next Friday (2/24) or maybe weekend. I will PM you my contact number
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    Free in Socal: 89-93 "supercharger inlet plenum"

    Hello, Im interested. Where are you located at?
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    Hey Ghost, I would suggest to contact "XR7 Dave". In my opinion he is extremely knowledgeable with the performance characteristics of our engines and would privide you with the best tune possible. You will still need a shot to dyno it, but XR7 Dave could workout the details with you. Hope...
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    parts for sale

    So the motors are complete and running? Or disassembled Got any pictures?
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    Happy 4th of July!

    Well we all get busy with life and projects. Hope everything is going well. We'll have to plan an event this year. Even if it's just for a few of us lol
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    Happy 4th of July!

    Even though we don't see many new posts, I know that we have people that some So-Cal guys that browse to see if anyone posted anything. So hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July! Be safe and hopefully we can set up and meet this 2016... :D
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    Engine cuts out when warms up

    Sounds like DIS module or camshaft sensor. I also agree with KMT
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    2015 So Cal BBQ

    Sounds like a plan to me!
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    Xr7 dave

    Hey Dave, Your PM box isfull. can you PM me your telephone number Thanks :cool:
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    Having some fun in the SC today

    That's a clean sound from the exhaust and also that whine!!!!
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    90 SC for parts or fixing or its hits the scrap yard that would be sad.

    Not sure what happened to the original post? Please PM me your contact information so I can come look at the SC. I tried to PM you, but it didn't give me the option to PM you.
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    1990 SC Going to Scrap Yard save it!

    I wanted to send you a PM, but won't let me. Please PM me your contact so I can come look at the SC. Thanks.