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  1. cougarxr7

    My Cats!

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item My Cats!. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. cougarxr7

    Valve covers.

    I need to replace the passenger side valve cover gasket. My question is, does the throttle body need to be removed?
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    89 Cougarxr7 passenger seat belt

    I know I need the passenger one maybe the drivers too. I need other parts in post below!
  4. cougarxr7

    Separating seat from tracking?

    I am taking my passenger seat apart. I removed the 4-10mm bolts from the bottom of the seat, that looks like they bolt the track to the seat. Still will not come apart? I cannot see anything else that could be holding the seat and track together. I searched the forums, no luck. Any and all help...
  5. cougarxr7

    89-90XR7's need parts

    I am looking for, 1989 XR7 grey leather seats both, Grey carpet, Console lid. Red 1990 XR7 grille.
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    How do you remove Passenger seat with dead motor?

    I got the front bolts out. Seat is all the way back and has a dead motor. No way to move it forward to gain access to the rear nuts. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. cougarxr7

    AC Freon Capacity?

    Hello, I've searched the forums, and google but there was not any info on this ?. I believe the 90 Cougar XR7 was factory R12 at so many ozs. I believe the Cougar should be 38 ozs. of 134a, If incorrect let me know. Thanks!
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    Red Grille & Door seals & grille mounting brackets

    Cougar XR7s 1 Red Grille and 2 grille mounting brackets and door seals . Any help finding these parts will be appreciated!
  9. cougarxr7

    What is the GFX?

    My rear passenger drain line in clogged. KMT posted in this thread about the GFX. "KMT said, On my '90 SC, the rear drain isn't directly visible. It's buried inside the foam that you can see when you remove the GFX in front of the wheel. Mine was blocked from road debris/mud that built up on...
  10. cougarxr7

    A/C Accumulator

    Has anyone noticed the accumulators sold today for our cars comes with a Schrader valve and not a pressure switch? I have yet to look into how difficult to change a valve to switch, if possible. Any info on this would be great!
  11. cougarxr7

    Engine Cradle Dolly

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a good Engine Dolly/Cradle. Thanks!
  12. cougarxr7

    uploading fails no explanation!

    Is there a reason we cannot upload files? I'd post a screen shot of the error, but it won't let me! Any admins available to help with this?
  13. cougarxr7

    Lower control arm

    Has anyone ever had an issue with a new aftermarket lower control arm ( thanks BirdofPrey97!)? With it being new, the ball joint is so tight that the spindle is unbelievable stiff? I got the rack off, now the spindles are free flowing. Putting the passenger side wheel back on is when I notice...
  14. cougarxr7

    Oil fill tube removal?

    Never mind, this thread can be deleted! How does that fill tube come off? It is in the way of removing the throttle body. Found old threads after I posted. Looks like a Ford design to keep us from working on our cars!
  15. cougarxr7

    High Idle w/ fuel smell.

    Driving the other day, car starts idling high. Changed the IAC and dis, problem still persists. Started, and ran car without IAC, and TPS connected idle still high. Which brings me to the raw fuel smell. This problem has been going on for sometime. The IC tubes and the fuel injector 0-ring, are...
  16. cougarxr7

    Lost power steering.

    My daughter wrecked my Cougar. At night, she swerved hard to the right hitting the neighbors car left rear wheel. The tire of my car hit the other car, bending the lower control arm. I had to take lower control arm apart to get wheel off. BirdofPrey97 took care of me with front end parts. I...
  17. cougarxr7

    Front end rebuild kit ???

    My daughter wrecked my xr7. Front passenger wheel hit rear wheel of parked vehicle. Pass lower control is bent, and I'm sure other parts are also damaged! Been looking at rock auto for parts. Does anyone know of a complete front end rebuild kit offered by someone? I'd like to replace all front...
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    That's right FREE*! 3 working 89-90 Superchargers! FREE*! 2 Transmissions, FREE*! 1 auto, rebuilt in 2003 best guess 30,00 miles on it! Transmission is still in car (XR7) attached to burned up engine. 1 5-Speed (XR7), rebuilt 2001, 15,000 miles on it! 2 ABS Master Cylinders, FREE*! 1 Complete...
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    Wrong Forum! Admin please delete thread, thanks! Here is this post in the correct forum!*-PARTS-3-SC-s-FREE*-2-TRANSMISSIONS-FREE*-2-ABS-MASTER-CYLINDER-and-much-more!
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    Any Kentuckiana SCCOA xr7 Members?

    Because of health reasons! I have a 90 xr7 for sale, 5 speed, ready for rebuild. Rebuilt bottom end engine for the 5 speed. Over $3000 in engine! I have an 89 xr7 auto for parts car. Both cars are oxford white, alot of new parts on the 89 to use on the 90. Anyone close to louisville ky. Post or...