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    A/C swap

    I,ve got a 90 s/c and the a/c compressor is seized ,i also have several part cars with good a/c systems. Can someone walk me thru changing compressors etc. and what other parts should be replaced to make a good reliable system ? what parts should be bot new ?? How much R12 does a full...
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    89 differential

    How much is an 89 s/c differential worth ??? Thanks
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    Hydro-locked My Sc !

    been there ... tried towing a seized engine and then dumping the clutch to break it free.............. what a mess,,, 200 feet of locked up tires and god knows the mess inside that engine and tranny... next stop ..junk yard
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    Crank shaft problem

    one thing at a time .......... take crank pulley off......... then look at harmonic balancer........... where exactley is the play in the crankshaft ?? sounds like you need a balancer ..... don't freak out.. one step at a time and do a search on balancers
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    Sick of Theives

    Monday 12/26 at noon ..i park my 90 s/c in my loading dock for 5 minuutes..come out and some scumbag has stolen my one new headlight. this is not an isolated area .. i'm beside a freeway 100 yards off the las vegas strip. Sooo if you see somebody with a new passenger headlight ...
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    sc in/near az?

    Got a couple in las vegas..89 ..5 speed and a 90 auto
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    5 spd SC wanted.

    got a white 89 5 speed in las vegas
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    Looking for an SC near Colorado

    Got a couple in las vegas.. if thats close enuff i can give more info .
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    HG Concerns

    let the fan run all the time.. what's the big deal.. running at M is not the best of ideas,,, and change that hose .. it's old and weak,,,,,, much like me :p
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    Broken Balancer to crank bolt

    Sounds like you answered all you own questions... i bot one new ford balancer and it lasted 2000 miles... bot 3 BHJ and still going after 10,000 plus a piece. It's your $$$$
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    help- No fuel Pressure

    Mine was caused by a bad ground connector.. just in front of the battery
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    hb install

    Don't do it, you'll end up with a paper weight, Harbor Freight sells calipers for under $20.00. The clearances are very important and if you force it on you may " weld " it on to the crank.
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    thinking of picking up a 90 SC

    For the love of god don't do it !!!! These cars cost 5 times in repairs more than you expect.. Do a Search on harmonic balancer and transmissions b4 you get involved with s/c's. :D
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    Help Please!!!!!!!!!

    Take the balancer off..... you have nothing to lose at this point and yes a balancer will cause no responce ,, the computer is in limp mode. You have to eliminate the balancer and sensor once and for all. after you have visually confirmed balancer is perfect then move on. I could not tell mine...
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    Rocker Arms/ Head Gaskets

    How do you adjust rocker arms after changing head gaskets ?? BTW engine has not been turned since head removal, do i just re-install and torque rockers to 25 ft lbs ??? Thanks
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    Help Please!!!!!!!!!

    I know it's like a broken record .. but re-check balancer. I had one s/c and the balancer did not wobble and all bolts were fine. I changed everything from fuel pump to computer and still wouldn't start. As a last ditch attempt , i started to pull the balancer and saw it was broken behind the...
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    EEC question

    When i did a search , i found it had to be same year and trasmission
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    run scans... untill then you are guessing
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    Help Please!!!!!!!!!

    When my 90 s/c said vehicle not responding .. it was the computer, luckily i had a parts car to swap it out of to test my theory..
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    this week's stumper

    harmonic balancer is the first place to look