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    Looking for a local 94-97 v6 driveshaft anyone?

    As the title says i am looking for a 94-97 v6 driveshaft for my 4R70W install I am trying to finish up. If no one has one I will be going to Pick-N-Pull to get a couple. So if no one has one would anyone else need anything at Pick-N-Pull they would like me to try and get? Also I will be...
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    Low 8 second tbird

    Check it out! dang it moves
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    Old School ProMod Wunderbird just thought I would share with everyone who possibly hasn't seen it.
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    Aluminum sun visor clips

    I am sure many of you like myself have had your sun visor clips break due to the plastic getting old etc. I have a place I know that I can get them cast in aluminum at and am wondering if anyone else might be interested since I will at least be having a few sets made for myself.
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    Anyone alive here

    Wondering if anyone is up for a meet anytime soon my auto still need some work but my 5 speed is running good. Anyone?
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    Help me find the fusible link for the cooling fan

    The orange/blk wire does not have power I have replaced the IRCM with a known working one and have tested the fan. I already unplugged the ECT sensor as well as tried turning on the A?C to see if the fan comes on I am pretty sure it is the fusible link. I don't want to cut the #14 wire but...
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    New 35th 5 speed

    Posted pictures in my garage My Garage and will be trying to put up some more updated pics of my Auto car soon.
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    1990 Ford Thunderbird

    SCDan35thANV submitted a new Showcase Item: 1990 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
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    1990 Ford Thunderbird

    SCDan35thANV submitted a new Showcase Item: 1990 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
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    Need help with ABS Accumulator

    I know my pump is running and my abs accumulator is out on the 5 speed anniversary car I just bought. I am at a friends house who has a known good abs accumulator off of a 1991 Jaguar XJ6 and I was wondering if it will work for me to get home and actually order the correct one from spinning...
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    Stinger Performance P.I.M.P EECIV vs Quarterhorse

    I know it is sort of apples to oranges since the quaterhorse is an expansion chip where the PIMP is a entirely new board inside an EECIV case. I was just wondering the advantages of the PIMP as well as is it worth it to upgrade from the Quarterhorse to the PIMP EECIV...
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    Anyone know more about this car?

    I saw this link on v6 power and all of the links are dead. Anyone know more about this beast?
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    60-60 pin otc/rotunda adapter

    Does anyone have a 60-60 pin otc/rotunda adapter I am trying to locate one to build my harness for my 4R70W swap. Thanks!
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    Black 3 post spoiler, black kick panel, 35th center dash bezel, and more

    I have the following: Black factory style 3 post spoiler with LED tail light.................$115 plus shipping black passenger side kick panel.............................................$15 plus shipping center dash 35th bezel with center a/c vents......................... $15 plus shipping...
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    MSD DIS Tach Driver

    I have an MSD DIS Tach Driver part # 8913 New in still in original box but I have opened it. $80.00 shipped <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    Heater hose without nipples for throttle body heater

    I am looking for the metal pieces that normally have a nipple on them for a hose to attached to the throttle body for the throttle body heater. I have a 85mm throttle body and no longer have a need for a throttle body heater and would like a hose that doesn't have the nipples because right now...
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    Methanol injection fail safe!

    I was wondering if anyone has used this or anything similar. I would love to keep my methanol injection but can't risk my motor so for the price it seems like a great investment.
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    New Dyno Numbers!!

    :D All I have to say is if anyone in Cali is looking for a Tune you have to check out Shawn Ellis. He tunes both in NorCAl and SoCAL and was very helpful and as you can see numbers don't lie :-). These number are with less timing then my last pull only change was my rotor pack, fixed a pin hole...
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    Aluminum Alternator/Power steering bracket

    I was wondering if the aluminum alternator/power steering bracket off the N/A tbirds and 3.8 mustangs will fit the SC. Our is cast iron and is really heavy so using the aluminum one, I was hoping to save a little weight. Does anyone know if it will fit? Thanks
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    New Cobra Jet Wheelie/Wreck! Just thought I would share :eek: