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    A/C swap

    I,ve got a 90 s/c and the a/c compressor is seized ,i also have several part cars with good a/c systems. Can someone walk me thru changing compressors etc. and what other parts should be replaced to make a good reliable system ? what parts should be bot new ?? How much R12 does a full...
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    89 differential

    How much is an 89 s/c differential worth ??? Thanks
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    Sick of Theives

    Monday 12/26 at noon ..i park my 90 s/c in my loading dock for 5 minuutes..come out and some scumbag has stolen my one new headlight. this is not an isolated area .. i'm beside a freeway 100 yards off the las vegas strip. Sooo if you see somebody with a new passenger headlight ...
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    Rocker Arms/ Head Gaskets

    How do you adjust rocker arms after changing head gaskets ?? BTW engine has not been turned since head removal, do i just re-install and torque rockers to 25 ft lbs ??? Thanks
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    WTB anny stuff + cd player

    floor mats, 2 anny rims , 2 center caps, 1990 cd unit and other stuff ..key blanks etc. all for anniversary s/c.... thanks
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    grinding downshifting into first

    1989 5 speed.. just installed a ripper shifter and now it occassionally grinds into first,, no other gears and no other problems any suggestions would be appreciated... thanks
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    Head Question ???

    Just blew my head gasket for the first time... besides Felpro and studs shouldn't i get the heads checked for cracks and straightness ??? Thanks
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    5 Speed speedo

    1989 manual tranny and the speedo thingy is loose and there isn't a gear of any kind on the electric sensor unit or in the tranny.. Does anyone have a picture of what it is suppose to look like.. Thanks
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    No Power at Distribution box

    No power at black box by battery, fuses I J and K are not getting power. All fuses in car are checked and double checked. 89 s/c 5 speed ran one day and now won't start,, getting spark but no fuel. 12 volts at fuel relay and only 3 volts at enertia switch.. Where does the distribtuin get its...
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    Fuel issues

    89 5 - speed ran fine one day .. next day won't start. Have spark.. no fuel pressure... jumped fuel relay in trunk and pump works fine and gets pressure at shrader valve. Swapped relay .. inertia switch and eec from running 89 5 speed........ still no go !!!!! No codes. BTW put a new BHJ...
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    Timing Chain

    Is there a way to check the timing chain without tearing the engine down ??? Thanks
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    Code 96

    89 - 5 speed.. won't start, X-RAY scanner pulls code 96 ( fuel pump circuit open ECA to motor ) where do i start my search ??? Another thing, when scanner shows # of cylinders it reads " 2 " instead of 6, now what could cause that ???? thanks
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    EEC again

    What exactly has to match on the EEC from different cars ?? Do both cars have to be autos or 5 - speeds , have EGR valves and be the same year or do you go by the EEC sticker codes ??? THANKS
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    code 21, rich right side

    90 S/c all of a sudden , barely runs , overheats and pings like a ( insert word ) only code is 21 running rich. Please advise where to start with finding the problem. Thanks
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    Boost on startup

    Just got a 89 s/c will only start with starting fluid and then stalls when it runs out. Thats a different thread though, when it runs the gauge goes to boost the whole time and never gets below zero. Replaced vacuum hoses as per ford manual, what else could cause this ?? If i take the s/c belt...
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    Fuel Experts

    89 s/c.. car will start for 5 seconds when left over night, after that just cranks. Has gas at shrader valve sometimes... has spark all the time. New fuel pump and filter after install still have erractic pressure.. . Swapped ect and pump relay and cut off switch from working car.. still no go ...
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    Jumping fuel pump

    How do you test the fuel pump ??? Had fuel at shrader valve and now it's stopped, can't hear pump. Fuses are all good etc. Is there a way to jump or test the pump ?? Thanks
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    Fry computer ??

    Is it possible to fry the computer... 89 s/c , won't start , just cranks and my auto x- ray reads vehicle not responding no matter what i do. Had some A**hole try and steal it and destoyed the ignition switch, replaced switch and a couple of big fuses were blown. Isthere a way to check the...
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    89 Vs 93

    Do ALL parts from an 89 s/c fit a 93 s/c including trans, motor. thanks
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    CARFAX anyone?

    going to an auction in 5 hours, 91 s/c 1FAPP64R9MH144861 THANKS IN ADVANCE..