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    Stereo Rehab in Ontario

    Doug, try custone electronics in whitby. I've had some factory radio repairs done there in the past. Think the guys name there is Rick.905 668 2668
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    Looking for DIC

    Hey Fellas, Been looking for a decent double intercooler. Wondering if anyone here has one kicking around that they want to part with? Thanks Drew
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    WTB double intercooler or FMIC

    Looking for a DIC or FMIC. Thanks Drew
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    just picked up a 89 SC

    Looks great, nice to see that one get saved. Cheers Dree
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    Finally tinted the windows

    Thanks for the comments guys, appreciate that. I am finally starting to enjoy this car which is long over due. Cheers Dree
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    Finally tinted the windows

    For many years I never wanted the windows tinted on this car. But I recently changed my mind and glad i did. Super happy how it turned out and cant wait till spring to get it back out. Couple pics of the finished work.
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    It's a start I guess

    No probs I will take a look and see what I have. Drew
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    It's a start I guess

    Right on Al, thanks. Yes I used the spring one. The pulley keyway on the snout that had the solid couple was broken off so I suspect that the solid coupler had something to do with that. I used the rotors and nose pack from the 95 blower i had. Lots of clean up to do on the outside though...
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    It's a start I guess

    Began some pre-work on some parts I've collected to hopefully add up to a decent shot at some hp gains. Long way to go but I have the headers sandblasted and coated. Also got the blowers pulled apart last night to swap rotor and nose packs. I will assemble the MPIII with the 95 rotor pack and...
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    Few drives and old pics

    That's pretty awesome Bruce, I remember looking at that page back then. You had quit the collection going. Parts also. Hope all is good man. Dree
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    Late model fuel tank

    Figured I'd toss this out there. Looking for a decent late model fuel tank in case anyone has one they dont need. Thanks Drew
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    Custom wheel shop

    That's great thank you. Drew
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    Custom wheel shop

    Does anyone know if the custom wheel shop is still open? Looked on line and cant seem to find it. Thanks Drew
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    Nice day to drive my 91 SC

    Looks awesome. Love the painted side mouldings and saleens. Dree
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    Few drives and old pics

    Hey guys hope you are all well and had a decent summer. Or as good as we all could anyway. Was busy for us but I managed to get the SC out for a few really nice drives. Was going trough some old pics the other day and came across a bunch from 96ish and my first SC the 91 which was actually my...
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    getting back into an SC again

    Nice looking SC, good luck with it. Hope to see that in person. Drew
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    Dennis Collins barn find cougars

    Very cool, thanks for sharing. Drew
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    Couple pics

    Thanks guys lol, it's just the camera on my phone. Think it's a Samsung A50, nothing special. Drew
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    Couple pics

    Thanks guys, Cheers
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    Looking for parts

    Hey Payton, yeah man been a while eh lol. Hope all is good with you. I will let ya know about the MAF man. Thanks Jim, thanks for reaching out. I will come check out the car tues like we spoke. Thanks guys Drew