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    Wow it happens, nothing really to complain about here surprised its posted.
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    1994 Ford T-bird SuperCoupe 5-Speed

    He's got a point hi jack away :)
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    1994 Ford T-bird SuperCoupe 5-Speed

    I do know that its really clean and has NO rust at all on the body.
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    1994 Ford T-bird SuperCoupe 5-Speed

    not mine, thought I would pass it along. Jerry
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    Lookin Pretty!

    wow looks awesome man!
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    ARP Studs vrs Bolts

    on the heads defiantly go with apr studs!
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    FMIC (with piping)

    over priced but good luck!
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    body kit for sale

    looks nasty....
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    hey guys at local pick n pull a 90 auto red leather

    like pink car parts?
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    concept t bird

    Nasty.... The t-bird is also nasty... Keep it simple.
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    20ft Enclosed trailer for Sale.

    I see this getting deleted soon, nice trailer though!
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    93 SC Michigan SOLD!!

    Well I'm glad everything worked out, just bring it to the track I want to know what it runs! :) The best of luck! Jerry
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    93 SC Michigan SOLD!!

    Its mellbutler from Indiana, she had the 89 sc that won 1st place for best paint. She will take good of her :) Jerry
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    93 SC Michigan SOLD!!

    Well its been fun and I thank all of you for all the help in the past years but today the Coupe has a new home with one of the members here on sccoa. Jerry
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    93 SC Michigan SOLD!!

    *****Sale Pending*****
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    1996 Tbird sport for sale

    SCCOA = Super Coupe Club Of America SC and XR7's. Try out
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    93 SC Michigan SOLD!!

    Update: Still for sale price is low and firm! Here is a video I just took today, Thanks, Jerry
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    93 SC Michigan SOLD!!

    This is a beautiful car! Really clean inside & out and under the hood. The car drives straight down the road with all new front and rear suspension with an alignment done after. Newer breaks, rotors, and calipers all around. All black leather interior in great shape little rips above rear seat...
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    *MINT* low mile 5spd SC SOLD!!!!

    You would be surprised on how many members here prefer not to have the moon roof, the moon roof collects water and drains on the rockers which increases rust build up. Nice looking solid car, I love those 93's specially the interior. Jerry