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    Midweek meet. 401 & Weston Rd Wednesday July 1st

    Spoke to Dimitry on text and we picked Wednesday July 1st at 401 & Weston Rd at 7:30 pm. Respond if you can attend.
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    Time to move on.

    I am finally at the reality that I am not going to get the SC back on the road. I will give it 6 weeks to rid my parts bins and the car then it all goes. I have a running 89 SC with 140 000 kms on her. It is a 5 speed with multi layer gaskets and ARP head studs. I have numerous parts for these...
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    We have a star in ontario

    You look great in a suit and tie. Page 8 of the sun. Nice going Payton.
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    Happy B-Day Ryan Harris

    Just looked and saw that it is your birthday today. Enjoy:D
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    Stuff for sale.

    I am selling my 90 SC for parts or whole also all parts that i will list on this post. Reply on here if you are looking for something in particular.
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    Posting a local car for sale

    I had someone drop by on Friday interested in buying my motor off my car that I have and he is selling his car now. He says that it wont start but it is a 5speed 93 SC silver/grey in color with 179,982 on the odometer. It has black leater interior has a new clutch,fuel pump and water pump. He...
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    Street Racing

    Here is a good idea.$46460
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    Movie converter

    I have many movies that i want to convert to dvd format for burning.Most of the ones i have are in avi format and many are encrypted or are in a format that the burning software will not allow me to burn them to a disc. My dvd player will play almost any format but the burn software nero and...
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    Snow tires for sale.

    Does anyone need a pair of snowtires. They are Hakapalitta directional snow tires i believe they are the Hakka 2's 225/60/16. I have owned Hakkapalitta snow tires on my SC and my 5.0 and have never had any difficulty driving on the roads. Heck i even used to take the cars up north of Barrie with...
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    She Lives

    Well started the car after a year of sitting, she needed to be cranked a few times then fired right up. I have a few issues to deal with but should be on the road this fall. Thanks for the battery charger Payton, can i hang onto it till the next meet just in case.
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    I s there going to be a meet this week.
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    Parts for sale

    I am getting rid of some stuff. 2- Jackshaft plates- best offer less than 120 k on them. 2 sets of early style headlights-best offer 94-95 - cowl pieces plastic -perfect condition-best offer 2- abs boosters- both in working condition.1 sold only one left. Early style tranny with...
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    Weight of a aod tranny

    What is the weight of an aod tranny,anybody know.
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    Ticket for flashing drivers to warn of speed trap.

    If you read the Wheels section in the Toronto Star yesterday you will see that it is not a criminal offence to warn others of a speed trap. The cops are worse than the criminals,and they say they do it for our safety.It is only about the money but they have...
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all.
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    Has anyone shipped anything as big as a tranny or engine to the usa.If so what carrier did you use for shipping,also does anyone know the weight of a aod.Thanks.
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    Parts For Sale

    I have a few parts to sell if anyone is interested.Best Offer 2-Blower Inlet Plenums w-EGR -these are great for someone who would like to modify their stock plenum to accept a larger throttle body. 2-Lower Engine Plenums-these are also great if you are looking to remedy the rear two cylinders...
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    Parts for sale

    Adjustable koni's-5000 km's on them. Grey interior pieces including fold down rear seats in leather AC compressor. Ground skirting. Climate control digital for a 92 and up sc AC condenser. AOD tranny rebuilt with wide ratio gears,new clutches(red line),hardened input shaft,baumann shift...
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    Main Tensioner Needed

    I am looking for a main belt tensioner for my sc,let me know if anyone has one.
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    Happy B-Day Sean

    Hope that you had a great day.:D ;)