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    Rear Shock tower brace

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a rear shock tower brace for my 91' bird. Anybody got one? Thanks Tim
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    Gas door shroud

    Hey Guys, I am putting on the locking gas door, and I am in need of the shroud that goes on the inside of the quarter panel that has the overflow tube attached to it. The release button goes thru it. Thanks for any help. Tim
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    Another Keyless Module question

    Hello All; I have gotten a keyless module from a member here that has been adapted to work on the 89-92 keyless entry cars that didn't come with a FOB. The problem is I don't know the code and have been serching for hours to find a answer. I believe it might have come from a '94. I have...
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    76mm maf

    Cleaning out the garage and came across this. Its a C&L MAF, new never installed. 76MM - $70 Shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for any interest, Tim
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    Kenny Brown Strut Brace

    KB strut brace, never installed. $75.00 + Shipping. Has a couple of nicks, shown in pic.
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    Silver Cobra R's

    Looking to buy a set of silver Cobra R's - 17 X 9. With or without tires. PM pics and pricing. Might be interested in just 2 wheels as well. Thanks Tim
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    Which Fan?

    I have a '91 Bird 5.0, auto with a/c. I want to put an electric fan on it. Will another year Tbird or Cougar fan/shroud combo work? The car is all stock. Should I be looking at Summit Racing or some type after market place? Thanks for any help. Tim
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    Idler Pully

    Hello; Somewhere I think I saw that someone made idler pullys, I have a 1991 Sport with a 5.0. The pully is metal but it is worn, I thought someone made one with a replaceable bearing - maybe out of aluminum. Any thoughts? Thanks Tim