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    Snows on rims

    225 75R 15 Had them on a Buick Roadmaster.Not sure what else they'd fit. Canadian Tire Nordics Still a winter left on them, I think. I can take pics for anyone interested. A case of Guiness would take them. Located just south of Tottenham
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    What are they really worth

    I see several SC's for sale and no action on them. I've got an unmolested red 1992 automatic that I might sell. I've owned it since Sept 94 and it's never seen snow in that time and always garage kept. It's got a very clean half cloth black interior with zero rips or cracks. No sun roof but...
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    1992 ac

    Hi all, My AC crapped out last night. Thinking its just the clutch on the compressor slipping. Refrigerent pressures seem ok. A complete compressor with a clutch isn't a whole bunch more than just a clutch. So I'm thinking compressor and dryer / accumulator. Is that it, or would other parts need...
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    Engine mounts

    Where is everybody buying them and what kind of money? Mine have been bad for quite a while now.
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    CEL failed e-test

    I've never seen the cel on my 92 before. It starts coming and going on my way to the e-test yesterday. I thought maybe it was the weak battery as I had to boost it to wake it up after winter sleep. failed the e-test miserably. The CO% limit is 0.29 and I scored 5.43. The tech said it's over...
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    92 AOD issues

    Hi all. My name is Henry. I've been lurking around here for quite some time and have found plenty of valuable information. I replaced head gaskets and sourced parts from the information provided here. I posted some issues on Payton's thread about selling a transmission. In the last while...