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    like to pay my dues

    id like to pay my dues to hopefully keep this up and running,been on facebook but im not really feeling the way they operate as of late.Hopefully we still have a few people staying around here i miss the old board.
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    95 seat track

    Looking for a 95 passenger seat track that has the manual forward and back.Apparrently my wife does not understand that if a coffee cup gets under there the electric version will break.Iv been through this twice not going there in zip 70737
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    95 ecu

    looking for a 1995 ecu for an auto car,Anyone?
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    94-95 bumper insert

    Looking for a 94-95 rear bumper insert,one or two broken mounting pins ok
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    egr tube

    looking for an egr tube in good shape for a 94-95
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    95 fender

    Looking for a pearl while 95 passenger side fender,my girlfriend wrecked her car last week and dented the fender up pretty good.
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    94-95 sc rear bumper cover

    Iv got a new old stock sc rear bumper cover 94-95,still wrapped in the ford service parts plastic,never painted.The cover is in storage so if anyone is seriously interested i can go get it out and text some pics.These covers are getting impossible to find,look around.450.00 is what i want for it...
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    95 red bird

    i am possibly looking for a 1995 maybe 94 5 speed in crimson clearcoat paint,would love to find a 5 spd but probably will be lucky to find an auto.No rust at all.
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    94-94 parts

    im looking for a 94-95 rear bumper insert,and the rear splash shields for the wheel well drivers and pass.
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    cup holder for 95

    looking for the cup holder for a 95 that attaches to the console lid,i can but the console lid as well if its in decent shape.
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    bbk throttle body

    Looking for a bbk 73,75,76 mm with the correct linkage for the sc,i am wanting to retain my stock airbox.No profesional products i have one now that wont hold one inch of vacuume its been leaking at the shaft seal and i am tired of dealing with it.its a ~~~
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    window regulators

    Looking for two known good window regulators,drivers and passengers
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    egr tube

    looking for an egr tube for a 95
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    c and l grren tube

    looking for a green c&l sample tube for the 76mm for 60#injectors,Anyone?
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    89-93 rebuilt engine in crate

    FOR SALE AGAIN due to dead beat member.Stock rebuild engine that bill at scp sells, missing a few things out of the gasket set that i used on my other cars/Engine has 0 miles still wrapped up and in the crate in a controlled environment. 1500.00 plus shipping.
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    cougar xr7 rims and caps

    cougar xr7 rims and center caps,they are say a 9 out of 10,i did have a set of wheels on them they are all straight and no curb rash at all.They are boxed up at my office so to get picks might take a couple days, had them on my 5 speed t bird but now am running cobras,16 inch rims do not have...
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    rebuilt heads

    iv got a set of heads that are on a ford reman still in the container wraped in plastic,the engine has never been unpacked.These are stock heads.I am not sure what there worth make a reasonable offer.these are sc heads didnt get a pic of the stamp but they are for the sc.
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    aluminum driveshaft 94 95

    well my car is in the shop for a clutch replacement,thought i would see if anyone had a aluminum driveshaft gathering dust,for a standard trans.can be from any t bird standard,not just a 94-95.
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    94-95 arc shock

    im somewhat in desperate need of a 94-95 arc shock,i noticed into a front end rebuild that my pass side is leaking.So i am looking for a non leaking one. Thanks for any help
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    mpx and plenum

    looking for a fairly low milage mpx blower and plenum reasonably priced.