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    Who's still out there? Let's meet

    When: October 16, 2019 Where: Kelsey's, 1011 The Queensway What time: 7:30 PM I am meeting up with Payton to pass him parts I brought back from the Mid West Bash in Wisconsin. We usually park behind the bank that is on the corner there. Come along if you can. Alan
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    So let's get together

    When: October 21, 2018, 2:00 PM Where: Timmie's on Dundas just east of the 403. south side. Why: Just because. I haven't had much luck getting together the remaining die hards in the Ontario group so come out if you can. Alan
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    This year's Shootout

    S0, this tear's shootout has come and gone last weekend. Tony and I made the trek with my car on the trailer. The drive there and back was un-eventful which is just what you want to say about a trip like that. The dyno competition was on Saturday and I was able to post 475 rwhp. That is more...
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    Car Show Sunday July 15

    On Sunday July 15 there is a cruise in being hosted by the Southern Ontario Thunderbird Club. They have advertised admission is free. Here are the details: Location: Lambeth Legion Branch 501, 7097 Kilbourne Rd., Lambeth. (At the west side of London). It runs from 9:00 am To 3:00 pm. My plan is...
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    Door Lock Module?

    I have an interesting and annoying problem. Last week I parked the car in the driveway and the door locks wouldn't lock with the key fob. Here is what I found so far: The locks work to lock with the door buttons but not unlock. The trunk popper doesn't work at all. The gas door popper doesn't...
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    My Shootout Story

    I went to the shootout this year and Tony (Silverbird) followed me down in his car. I had mine on the trailer so keeping up was not difficult. I didn't post about the shootout leading up to it for which I am sorry. I have reasons/excuses but I won't bore you with that. I had the car prepped and...
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    Going To The Track

    Hey Guys; I finally got through the transmission repair and the exhaust system change. Both turned out to be nightmarish. I am going to Toronto Motorsports Park on Friday July 15. Test and tune from 7:00 pm 'til 11:00 pm. The track prep there is questionable and it always seems disorganized but...
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    So ... Let's have a meet

    The weather has finally started to look good. I have my car back from the transmission shop. Washing a car will last more than a couple of days, so let's get together. Monday May 23/16. 3:00 pm Timmies on Dundas, just east of 403 on the south side. Come for a coffee and we can talk about 1...
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    Spring has finally sprung

    It looks as if the nice weather is coming here and will hang around. I'm curious about projects that you guys are planning. I have a list of my own so I will get this ball rolling. AOD 1. Get transmission back to the shop for the shifting issue. 2. Replace exhaust system - headers to be...
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    Let's Meet

    When: Thursday Feb 18/16, 7:00 PM Where: Drake and Firkin in the plaza at Derry Rd and Mississauga Rd, south east corner. Handy to the 401 and 407. Winter has decided to finally give us a short cold blast and it will warm you up to gather and talk cars and spring projects. Pass on any desires...
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    Let's Meet

    When: Wednesday December 09, 7:30 PM Where: Tim Hortons, 10 Vogell Rd (for you GPS guys). It is on 16th Ave, north side, one stoplight west of hwy 404. Chosen because it has a reasonable parking lot and is close to 404 for easy access. It is a warm place to sit and talk cars (Paul) and not a...
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    Meet next Tuesday

    Location: Kelsey's at 1011 The Queensway. Just west of Islington on the south side. We usually park behind the bank that is there. Time: 7:00 PM Let's see some of the folks and renew friendships. Please post a reply here if you plan to be there (or not), with a bird (or not). Alan
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    Ontario Chapter re-boot

    I'd like to get things going again in the Ontario Chapter. This will take some time but I believe the interest is out there. 1. Let's start with creating some new lines of communication. I can be reached via PM, and it is tied to my e-mail at work so it comes to my Blackberry immediately. I...
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    Track Day

    Hey guys; I am going to Cayuga on Sept 19 (Saturday) to see what she's got. The car is currently at the transmission shop getting a Lentech valve body installed and I should have it back at the end of the week. I haven't had the opportunity to take it to the track since Dave rebuilt my engine...
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    My Car is Back

    Some of you may have been wondering what the outcome of my adventure last fall turned out to be. I got my car back from Dave D on the 14th of June. Tony and I went down with the trailer and picked it up. The truck and trailer work great. What was done to correct my engine: Total tear down to the...
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    Not so excellent adventure

    Hey all. I thought some may be wondering how I did at the shootout. I didn't even get there. I set out early in the morning on the 10th so that I would arrive in Kentucky by 5:00 pm. The car was running great, all the temps and oil pressure were right on and the engine felt stronger than ever...
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    The Fun Never Stops

    So ... I got the mods done on the 5 speed three weeks ago. Got the correct tune in the quarter horse from Dave. Mods: Ported early blower 10% overdrive 75MM TB 76MM Maf Cold air intake with cone filter 42 lb injectors Double KW intercooler with fan 180 degree thermostat The car really woke up...
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    Fun at TI Dyno

    So ... I went to Ohio yesterday for a fresh tune by Dr. Dave. Drove the AOD car all the way there. Backed it onto the rollers and got all set up for the job. First pull, something was not right. I told Dave when I got there that the car didn't 'feel right' but couldn't put my finger on what it...
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    Missing Person Report

    He goes by the name of Payton and is our chapter President. Haven't heard from or seen him for a long time. Perhaps family and working to support same is eating his time. Alan
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    How about a Meet

    The Mississauga Classic Car Club Cruise is not a bad place to go. Date: Friday July 11 (they do this every Friday) Time: 6:00 pm 'til dusk. Where: Argentia Road and Winston Churchill (in the old Rona parking lot, East Side Mario`s) Just off the 401 at Winston Churchill. Tony and I are planning...