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  1. Rick_Leuce

    2 Auto SC's for sale; 1990, 1991

    Where are the cars located?
  2. Rick_Leuce

    Repairing stress cracks in the plastic interior.

    Hello, I’m trying to free up garage space by installing as many of my interior bits as possible (even though the headliner still needs to be replaced). So I’m planning on removing them again in like a month. However, one of my interior pieces has a bit of a stress crack and I’m concerned it...
  3. Rick_Leuce

    Leaking clutch fluid reservoir

    Ok, I wont use stop leak. I’m not sure replacing the clutch fluid reservoir alone will solve the problem. It doesn't seem to leak when the car is off. I think I’m losing fluid whenever I press the clutch pedal, or maybe Im losing fluid while the car is running. The reservoir only seems to go...
  4. Rick_Leuce

    Leaking clutch fluid reservoir

    Hello, I’m about to drive my 1991 SC 5-speed on a long road trip. However, I am concerned about how fast my clutch fluid reservoir is leaking. I believe it leaks whenever I press the clutch pedal in, it doesn't seem to leak when the car is just sitting there. It’s gotten to the point that I...
  5. Rick_Leuce

    Almost Complete '91 Parts Car - Runs Good

    Can you share some pics?
  6. Rick_Leuce

    WTB Ford Escort ZX2 (or other FWD Ford).

    You are absolutely right about snow tires and studded tires. I wasn't planning on not having studded tires. I've also heard the saying "you don't have to go, but you have to stop," on why even with FWD cars you need to make sure you have good tires on the back and that you should have the...
  7. Rick_Leuce

    WTB Ford Escort ZX2 (or other FWD Ford).

    I know that AWF or 4-Wheel Drive are going to handle winter driving the best, but they are also more expensive. If anybody out there has a nice AWD or 4WD, let me know. I’d definitely want it to be rust-free and mechanically sound. A lot more moving parts that could require maintenance or...
  8. Rick_Leuce

    WTB Ford Escort ZX2 (or other FWD Ford).

    Id consider it. If I can get one in good shape for a good price that isn't too far away.
  9. Rick_Leuce

    WTB Ford Escort ZX2 (or other FWD Ford).

    Hello, This might be frowned upon, but it's still Ford-related. I want to buy a Ford Escort ZX2 like the ones in this video. I live in Georgia (for now) but I am moving to Wisconsin and I need to get a car more suitable for Winter driving. Which means I should be looking for a FWD vehicle...
  10. Rick_Leuce

    Ask me for any parts you're looking for you 89 - 93 SC

    Id be interested in the black side trim that runs down the side of the doors and body on 1989-1993 SuperCoupes. I believe I have the small fender trim pieces but may be interested in buying those if you have nicer ones than mine.
  11. Rick_Leuce

    Kooks headers for 3.8 sc

    I may be interested. My car is basically stock and I was thinking about upgrading the exhaust/headers. How much to ship to 30114?
  12. Rick_Leuce

    Head Gasket Advice

    Crap, wished I would have known about modifying the exhaust manifolds before I replaced the headgaskets in my 1991 and 1993 SC. My 1993 had coolant in the oil, I drained it and refilled it, I should probably drain and replace again even though it only drove 1,000 miles with that oil. I will say...
  13. Rick_Leuce

    Completely parted out 91 SC, white with red cloth

    Where are you located? Would you happen to have the black trim that runs down the side of the doors and the body?
  14. Rick_Leuce

    Spinning wheels aluminum power steering pulley

    I want it, but I'm between jobs at the moment. If it's still available in a month or so and I'm bringing in money again, I'll buy it. I may try to sell some of my extra MN12 parts I have that I don't need on any of my SCs.
  15. Rick_Leuce

    Wanted Front bumper SC 89 to 93

    Wait, really? I was pretty sure my 1991 SC had a front embossed SC bumper cover (it was badly damaged and replaced). In 1992 they came out with the LX Sport which had an SC style front bumper cover but was not embossed. Regardless, I like the embossed cover but because they are so rare, a lot...
  16. Rick_Leuce

    10% Overdrive and cam, Tune required?

    Would something like a double intercooler with a fan help?
  17. Rick_Leuce

    New Old Stock original Ford 1989-1992 Super Coupe wheels

    I think I may order a set of 4 in the near future.
  18. Rick_Leuce

    Assorted NOS parts ALL PARTS SOLD

    I am the guy who bought it. I also have a 3-d printer and a friend who is going to college to become an engineer. I promise I won’t install it until I have precise measurements. Even then, I might never install it and keep it as a master. Its too bad that they age terribly and its such a rare...
  19. Rick_Leuce

    Assorted NOS parts ALL PARTS SOLD

    All 3 of my Super Coupes could use an e-brake console boot too; I was thinking about trying to make precise measurements of mine and seeing if they could be 3-d printed. I think you can 3-d print with something rubbery, which would be perfect.
  20. Rick_Leuce

    WTB 1989-1993 Tbird SC/1993 LX front bumper cover in or near North Georgia

    Sounds good. I’ll send you my email after work.