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  1. Jacob_Royer

    Midwest spring meet head count

    If you plan to attend please let me know and how many people. I am trying to have a rough head count for our dinner stops and see if we have enough to reserve a time slot for go karts.
  2. Jacob_Royer

    ####2021 Spring Meet Itenerary#### (revised rally starting time)

    April 9th **Arive at host hotel ** Comfort Suites French Lick 9530 West State Road 56, French Lick, IN, 47432, US **7:30pm dinner** Legendz sports bar French lick indiana 8695 W Jack Carnes Way #6, French Lick, IN 47432 April 10th **7am Breakfast** Nila's Place 8371 IN-56, West...
  3. Jacob_Royer

    *Friday Dinner 2021* Midwest Spring Meet and Road Rally

    We will be meeting up for dinner April 9th at 7:30pm local time. This place is very good! Two minutes from the host hotel and also offers family dinning! Legendz Sports Bar 8695 W Jack Carnes Way #6, French Lick, IN 47432 Please let me know if you plan to attend so I can give them a...
  4. Jacob_Royer

    Should the Garage be changed to Groge?

    Should the new common core spelling of garage 'GROGE' be used for the garage section of sccoa?
  5. Jacob_Royer

    65 Thunderbird

    Earlier this year I traded my 5 speed sc for this 65 bird! It had no brakes but front end was rebuilt and it had new tires, it also has a 351w swap from a 1970 mustang and a c6 instead of the fordamatic. The brake lights and turn signals did not work. Matt haub reverse engineered the system with...
  6. Jacob_Royer

    2300 TVS update

    <img src="" alt="20201129-193646" border="0"> <img src="" alt="20201129-203323" border="0"> <img src="" alt="20201205-171320" border="0"> <img...
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  8. Jacob_Royer

    Photo test

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  9. Jacob_Royer

    2021 Midwest Spring Meet and Road Rally (revised rally starting time 033121)

    Jacob Royer and Bill Evanoff (from Super Coupe Performance) invite you to the first Midwest Spring Meet & Road Rally on Friday April 9th through Sunday the 11th, 2021. Assuming the Wuhan virus has not morphed us into zombies by then we welcome you to come in your Thunderbird, Cougar, Mark...
  10. Jacob_Royer

    Asp billet underdrive pulleys

    Great shape complete set 115$ shipped us only!
  11. Jacob_Royer

    The Epic Drive 2020 preparations

    What are you guys working on to prepare for the epic drive?? This Is what I am doing: New blower motor New front uca's New front lca's New sway bar end links New inner/outer strut rod bushings Alignment Rewire radio (shady radio wiring) Extra 12v port for phone charger Check freon (rebuilt...
  12. Jacob_Royer

    First Annual SCCoA Midwest Christmas Dinner/Cruise Dec 1

    For those who dont have facebook. We have thrown together the first annual xmas meet for the midwest (in/il/ky) or wherever you want to come from! It will be December first at 2pm Big Woods Pizza Company in Nashville Indiana. We plan on having a bad Santa cheap gift exchange. Also a cruise...
  13. Jacob_Royer

    Midwest bash parts for sale!

    Anyone going to the midwest bash interested in a set pair polished alluminum spares with radial tires on them for front runners? They are stock sc pattern and tires only have drag strip miles on them. I will bring them to the midwest bash for 100$ cash ! Another nice thing about these I used to...
  14. Jacob_Royer

    Official: Stuff you have left to do before the midwest bash thread.

    Let's see what you guys have going on! I still have to: Replace brake booster (again) Install wideband Install qh Setup new tuning laptop Install wiper motor/cowl Install hood Replace multifunction switch Plates Insurance Swap wheels Locate some slicks to borrow(my drag radials would be bad...
  15. Jacob_Royer

    Charles Warner Magnum Powers

    FINALY after 98 days of waiting and excuses I received my magnum powers 95mm tb. If anyone has it in there head to buy direct from Charles DONT! I will absolutely never buy anything from him again! If you want to buy any of magnum powers products buy something from bill since he actually has it...
  16. Jacob_Royer

    Polished alluminum spares with radials

    For sale : Pair of polished aluminum spares for skinnies. They have radials mounted and have nothing but track miles so still like brand new!! These look great, and will shave off some time on the track! The only reason I am selling them is I upgraded to cobra brakes and can't run them anymore...
  17. Jacob_Royer

    Magnum powers 85mm throttle body

    Works great has good Iac and tps powder coated black but does have some white paint over spray on it so 175 shipped
  18. Jacob_Royer

    Built 4.2 stroker

    For sale: Built 4.2 stroker Scu rotating assembly which consists of a new crank forged h beam scat rods forged wiesco pistons. Arp main studs Arp rod bolts Melling high volume oil pump Powerbond ballancer Arp head studs MLS gaskets Attached is the flow sheat on the heads Stainless valves Comp...
  19. Jacob_Royer

    2018 dyno

    Has anyone started a list on dyno time slots yet? I'd prefer a later slot so I can get my bottle up to temp. Clark as always has requested the last slot becuase of tuning issues.
  20. Jacob_Royer

    Shootout roll call!

    Amanda and I will be attending so will Chris Gates. Come on guys get registered,!! Where's everyone at this year????