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  1. jleopold

    Need a few parts 94 SC and or a car

    Hi gang its been a really long time since I've been on the boards. I lost my 90 SC about 7 year ago. Well little did I know that my now 18 year old son would have a T-bird as his first car. ( just a little history) Anyway... So... I have a buddy with a 94 SC and he needs to replace the...
  2. jleopold

    Car for sale - Red 90 SC

    Hey guys ... Car is for sale for this week only... backed into a corner so I'm talking best offer over $200.00 I have the title... and its currently registerd... Needs a HG... but it will start and run. Email me if you want it and can pick it up for sure by Friday of this week. Or...
  3. jleopold

    Lets Write it Up

    Hey guys... If this has not already happened... How about we start our own repair book... one where we have the "real" way to fix our cars... From the simple... like how to detail the interior... to the difficult like installing a fuel pump, or putting in a new alternator... I would help...
  4. jleopold

    Can you ?

    Can you put a 5.0 engine in a 1990 SC ? and ... can you do it if you purchase a crate motor... And... is it a difficult job or is it better to fix the headgasket on the SC ?
  5. jleopold

    1990 SC - NorCalifornia Car

    Hey guys... I'm selling my bird and I'm not liking it one bit. I'll keep it simple to save time. California Car HG need repair...typical 4th owner Salvage car ( purchased it that way... didn't really care) - car was in accident but prior owner fixed it up... I bought it because I liked...
  6. jleopold

    Club Meetings Message

    Hey guys... Go to TCCOA ... I have a message thread started there about meetings for 2009 .... John
  7. jleopold

    Car show Tally

    Hey guys... Can you let me know if you are coming to the Car Show ? So Far... John Leopold - 1990 SC Darren Bruce - 1990 SC Maybe - Ivan Kirk -1993 SC ? Anybody else ? OH... if you need the flyer I have to email it because the file is too big. Call me 209-640-9411
  8. jleopold

    Head Gasket Fixer --- Great Product

    Hey guys... i wanted to followup on a product I used on my T-bird. I had an overheat and head gasket issue back last summer. If you remember my thread, my car had water running RUNNING out of the Exhaust. So headgasket came right to the front of my issue list. Anyway, I posted that I was...
  9. jleopold

    Car Show Sign Ups ...

    Hey guys... Last chance this week to sign up for the open Class at the West Valley Car Show going on her in Tracy. I got the class opened up for us since we are post 1980. Send me an Email to if you are coming so I can get a space allocated for T-birds and MN12 Cars...
  10. jleopold

    Cougar for Sale - Northern California This is the link I just posted on Ebay... All she needs is to be lowered Rims... beat and you're good ...
  11. jleopold

    Cougar for Sale - Northern California

    Listed in SF bay are Craigs list and Ebay link below Thanks guys .... John
  12. jleopold

    Car Show Event... Tracy CA April 25th

    Hey guys... check it out... We have an official car show in Tracy and it's going to be great... You know me... always trying to put something together... well this baby is live and for real... Send me an email if you want to get a PDF... Sccoa will not allow a 2 meg file...
  13. jleopold

    T-bird Breakfast

    Hey guys... I'm hosting a T-bird breakfast on the 21st here in Tracy. Right by the Mall there is an Ihop with plenty of parking and room for photos. Send me a PM with your email or phone number if you want to go. We have 6 birds from Tracy going already. John Oh... meeting up around 10:00am
  14. jleopold

    NorCal Events

    Hey guys... To get a nice sized meeting or regular meetings we need some localized organization. I'm not the boss but I'm willing to do the grunt work until there is a boss. So if you are cool with it... I need to know your information so we can at least build an owners list. EMAIL ME THE...
  15. jleopold

    This Sunday ( Oct 11th )

    Hey guys... There is a Ford Car show at the the Tracy Municipal Airport this Saturday... I heard its all fords and we are welcome.... the show is for charity for the local shelter... I heard also that they may let people open up their rides on the runway!!! -- man top speed for 3 miles ...
  16. jleopold

    New NorCal Website location

    Hey guys... I took the fast way out for now until things get better. So, you can now goto and see all of our groups information, photos, calendar... whatever you guys want to do... the cool thing is that I can post your photos, you can leave...
  17. jleopold

    Cougar For Sale

    Hey gang... Real quick...I live in Nor Cal... I'm selling my 1995 Cougar V8 120k miles... single owner... great interior... No majore problems EVER... Might need a batter and a good detailing... Champagne in color and she's all stock... PM me if you want more info and in the mean time I...
  18. jleopold

    This Saturday

    Boooooommmm !!!! Hey lets meet up ! Ya out of nowhere.... How about a Dennys in San Jose or Maybe Fremont... ??? Breakfast at say 10 ? Chime in...
  19. jleopold

    Thermagasket - headgasket repair

    All I have to say is... IT WORKS... AND WORKS DAW-GONE GOOD FOR THE SC !!!
  20. jleopold


    Hey guys... is there a water or pressure relief valve on the driveside of the T-bird if the car is overheating or if you have a radiator cap that is not up to pressure ? I took the Thermo out to make sure I didn't have a blockage... but I'm getting hot water in the overflow and some steam on...