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    Club members

    How many members are there still out there? I am getting ready to get my 89 going again. After many years of. Sing down. Now with several more mods. I am wanting to see how it will run now. Anybody can email me direct if you would like. Let's get this group going again
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    Jimmy call me

    Jimmy PLEASE call me I need to talk to you I need some hillbilly advice 209-985-5089 Ron Randall :) :) :)
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    I was wondering if anyone is planning on going to the races. The 22nd of Feb. It is the Winternationals. You can call me on my cel the day of the races 209-985-5089. We can meet up and talk. You don't to be afraid because I am from Northern Ron Randall
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    Sac Car show

    Anyone going to the car show at Cal Expo tomorrow. I am thinking of going
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    Pulling motor today

    I am pulling my motor today. I want to find out what got hurt inside. I broke a piston or something. I have been too busy with the shops we are probly going to have another transmission shop in another town very close to here. That is all that I need is three shops to run. I was wanting to do...
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    Does anyone know where we can go to dyno our cars . I am intrested in doing it. Any ideas. Let all get together a set something up soon. We can not let soca out do use. Come on Jimmy take off the car cover and roll you car out of the shop and lets see what we can do. It sounds like they are...
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    NHRA Finals

    I went to the NHRA final in Pomona on the 10th of this month. Wow it was great. I am going to get my tickets for the winternationals also in Pomona. I think that we should all getb together and set up a run down there. There is nothing like nitro in the morning. Well ,maybe sex ranks up there...
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    I was on the website for thunderhill. I did not see any Supercoupes listed there. I think that we should change that. All of us should set up a run there and show them what a real car can do. Anyone want to go. Ron Randall:confused:
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    Fouling spark plugs

    Has anyone had problems with foling spark plugs. I ran Motorcxraft The one that it calls for in the book. I don't remember which one the old plugs are at my shop. I even tried Champions. What a mistake. They really don't look bad at all. But it sure runs like crap. everybody else running. Ron...