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  1. ganuolfthegrey

    my new ride

    just stopping in my 2012 3.7 v6 fbo on e85 me last season left lane still on stock cats and manifolds stock torque conveter car weighed 3340 know at 3320
  2. ganuolfthegrey

    1990 35th supercoupe

    I have a 35th sc for sale. In kansas city 3000 firm. Has new engine and trans. Will post more info tonight. Pics and mods in garage page. Have to have gone asap. put the engine and new trans in at 85068 it has on it know at 86,246 is current mileage...
  3. ganuolfthegrey

    fuel pressure and regulator issues

    at idle with vac line off. 42 psi at reg. with line on I get 44. if I rev it i get 48. but dosnt rise while driving when i give it moderate throttle. watching the af gauge. stays at 14.4 to 13.4. has new ford regulator. new filter and a aeromotive 340lph pump. new 60 pound injectors. any clues...
  4. ganuolfthegrey

    coolant temps

    brand new aluminum rad ebay one stock aluminum water pump pulley stock crank pulley 180 t-stat with qh tuned for it still working on base tune with the help of dalke intown no ac on 196 to 200 highway 210 temps intown with ac on 214 to 220. turn it off and it cools back off. havnt tried it on...
  5. ganuolfthegrey

    sc wheels

    i have 2 early sc wheels for sale 50 bucks plus shipping. can post pics later or text them. Kansas city area would be great for the track for slicks they are silver
  6. ganuolfthegrey

    stock sc wheels or 17x7.5 wich is best wheel to use for track tires

    trying to find or decide wich wheel. I can get closest to stock tire size and still fit the wheel. the 17's are plus 40 offset
  7. ganuolfthegrey

    1990 sc exhaust heat sheild and hardware.

    I need the heat sheild and hardware for the exhaust. Its the piece by the gas tank.
  8. ganuolfthegrey

    advanced engine and maching in salina,ks

    I was told by the owner that in the next few months. mark the owner will be having a dyno jet installed at his shop.
  9. ganuolfthegrey

    95 auto red sc.

    In olathe 2,300 sun roof car. On dennis street by frisco lake
  10. ganuolfthegrey

    95 automatic supercoupe 2,300

    red 95 with black interior automatic 2,300 this is not my car. just one by me for sale does have sunroof olathe,Kansas 913-271-6004
  11. ganuolfthegrey

    black coat hooks and drivers side manual seat trim

    like it says I need black coat hooks and black or any color non cracked drivers side seat trim. manual panel for lx seat
  12. ganuolfthegrey

    jason's 35th sc poject

    well I have had the car for almost 6 months. been swapping every thing from my old 89 to the 35th. in a few weeks I hope to pick up my new engine. then I am sending my transmission to get rebuilt in 3 weeks. have a lot left to do. but my goal is have it running and mostly done by spring. still...
  13. ganuolfthegrey

    LSXKILR custom tuning bonner springs kansas

    new dyno I found out about in bonner. 913-634-0386 shop name is LSXKILR
  14. ganuolfthegrey

    annual christmas party december 13th

    zarda bbq overland park, ks 1pm sunday 87th street op kansas.
  15. ganuolfthegrey

    cars and custard wensday september 30th

    5pm to 9pm at freddys 237 n main street lansing kansas
  16. ganuolfthegrey

    midwest ford fest saturday october 10th

    registration begins at 10am and ends at 1pm. 11 to 3 is the show. max ford 2502 Cantrell rd. Harrisonville Missouri 64701
  17. ganuolfthegrey

    Midwest blue oval club car show at kansas speedway sept 26.

    Starts at 9am and 20 for the car show. who is all going.
  18. ganuolfthegrey

    Tbird sightings

    Been seeing alot of birds this week in Leavenworth and Lansing. But tonight i had seen a nice 97 laser red sport with a young guy driving in olathe. Had nice exhaust on it.
  19. ganuolfthegrey

    89 silver button hvac controls

    75 plus shipping in flawless shape would trade for 35th items or raised blower top or 85 c@l maff
  20. ganuolfthegrey

    35th anny pictures

    post up pics of your 35th sc's here is mine 86,000 miles and my buddies 35th we should make a 35th only section for 35th info. so it would be easy to find things.