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    Aod Trans

    IS THERE A KIT YOU CAN BUY TO STOP THE KICK DOWN AT HI SPEED OR AT ABOUT 90-95% throttle? someone said they had akit but i cant seem to find one or is there an adjustment you can do i know if you get it off i could burn out the clutches from lack of pressure thanks
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    Email: Comments: There is a guy on this web site that is trying to con people i have a supercoupe for salle he e-mailed me and led me or tryed to lead me to believe he was going to buy the car only problem is i;m asking $500.00 for the car and he was going to send me...
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    90 S/C parts car

    :eek: parting out 1 1990 S/C many good parts engine bad has a lot of good parts on engine body in great shape e-mail me at all parts cheap thanks for looking have a great day :eek: will sell all for $400.00 have pictures tires and wheels are worth what i'm asking for car