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  1. HoseHead

    Alternator - '95 SC

    Folks, Can anyone tell me years and models that had the same alternator as a '95 SC? Thanks for your time. Bruce
  2. HoseHead

    F/S - '95 Auto - Midnight Blue - Blue Leather - 45k Miles - Employee Build ....

    3 owner - American model - Peter Roy imported it from original owner - ultra clean - garaged kept - no winters - complete documentation from new - no sunroof. Bone stock except for the following: - Lowered 1.5" with Vogtlands - original springs included - Professional tint - Tranny has a kit...
  3. HoseHead

    Here's a flashback ....

    This was an SC website I built almost 10 years ago and haven't touched it since. I can't believe the hosting server is still alive. Super Coupes Enjoy. Bruce
  4. HoseHead

    As he enters the once .....

    bustling SCCoO website, he hollers out and only receives an echo ..... :confused:
  5. HoseHead

    Great Deal ... 90 5spd Virgin ++++

    I just don't have the time to dedicate to wrenching as was once forecasted and I'm located too far away to peddle the parts efficiently. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who has the space, passion and time to, in essence, pay very little, if anything, for an excellent daily SC...
  6. HoseHead

    New Ride

    2006 - 60Km - 6.1 Hemi - 1 mature owner - no winters, rarely rain. A few discrete go-go goodies including laughing gas. Pick-up in Manitoba and drive it home next week.
  7. HoseHead

    For Sale - 3 SC's and a load of parts ....

    Well the time has come to unload some hardware. Have look at this link for my SC listing. I built the site so each item opens it's own page for back referencing ease. Super Coupes and Parts for Sale PM and leave a contact number. Bruce NTF - I've decided to keep my '95 auto though always...
  8. HoseHead

    And it comes with a trailer too ........ '93 clutch car .... Bruce
  9. HoseHead

    Pile a Parts .......

    All or nothing - $50 Bruce
  10. HoseHead

    Little bit of SCCoO history....

    I built these pages in 06 while on a business trip to Alberta - Bruce's Web Site The SCCoA removed the links to our Home Pages in our sig blocks a few years back. I found this link hanging out in my Favourites. How many of these cars are still around in the hands of members .. ?? :D Bruce
  11. HoseHead

    Looking for Blue 95 w/ clutch - Vineland

    Gents, There was a car listed in here (summer 2011) from Kijiji - '95 5 gear with 23K on it. He was asking $10K. I can't find the reference to contact the seller. Any help? Bruce
  12. HoseHead

    Did someone say 15 -11 -15 ??

    My perpencity for procrastination has paid off. Insurance for seasonal rides was supposed be cancelled last week. I forgot to make the call. With this outstanding forecast, a few more SC rides are booked. Even took the day off to cruise ...... Bruce :D
  13. HoseHead

    Cobra R's

    Look what popped up on our local Kijiji. Cobra R Looking at them on Monday. Bruce
  14. HoseHead

    '95 Aftermarket radio build ....

    Here's a quick picture for Peter to show how i'm mounting boston speakers into stock casvities. The 6.5" MidBass drivers are a little larger than the narrow side of the stock cavity. I used 3/4" MDF and routered the Boston's to fit inside. This allows a little more room for mounting. They will...
  15. HoseHead

    Early VMM ....

    Somene was looking for one of these, but I don't remember who. Get a hold a me, eh? Bruce
  16. HoseHead

    ShoalCracker - Cowl trim .....

    Paul, I couldn't figure out how to sent pictures via PM so am posting cowl pix here for your perusal. Please advise if they fit your need. Bruce
  17. HoseHead

    Stuff under the rear seat ....

    I found this (see attached pix) under the rear seat of my '95. It's painted the colour of the car - Moonlight Blue. This is a documented 3 owner Americian car and it's 1st owner built TBirds in Lorrain, Ohio when the company motto was Quality is Built with Pride - Q1. Why were employee cars...
  18. HoseHead

    94/95 VMM/Traction Assist faceplate

    I'm doing a custom audio installation in a '95 SC and would like to use the VMM dash cavity for some control devices. Of course I would prefer to keep the VMM functions, just relocate the lamp displays (low fuel, low coolant, low washer, door ajar, firm ride) possibly up between the sun visors...
  19. HoseHead

    Zere a meet tonight?

    I'm heading Trenton this morning and could roll into the Big Smoke if there's a social event. Just unwrapped the 300C and she be itching for some excercise .... :) Blue '95 SC is down while an aftermarket radio is installed ...... Well a little more than a new radio, if you knows what I meens...