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    Garage Cleaning Sale

    I have a bunch of parts that I need to sell... 1. Xenon 5285 nascar lip spoiler brand NIB not sure if they make these anymore $150 shipped.....$ PENDING $..... 2. Very lightly used walbro 190lph pump installation kit $50 shipped 3. Brand NIB Borla 400286 dual 2.5" in/out...

    how much $ could I get for my 91 SC 5speed

    I have a 91 SC 5speed fully built suspension and engine engine makes 362rwhp and 450rwtq on 91 octane and 19psi engine made 342rwhp and 403rwtq on 91 octane with 17psi most details are here: interior is 9 out of 10 body is straight...

    Gates K080390

    I will be running a 10% jackshaft and a stock early gates K080390 the right belt to use?

    Are we ready for a NorCal meet?

    My bird is flying high...who is down for a meet? where and when ideas...?

    My MPxS results

    So I made it back to the dyno after installing my MPxS from Magnum Powers and WOW! My SC made 362.4rwhp @ 5000rpm and 450.6rwtq @ 3401rpm that is a 20rwhp increase and 47rwtq increase over the last time I dyno'd and where the only mod made was going from MPx to MPxS Same tune, same OD @...

    My New Polished TB/MAF and Crinkle Coated Piping

    what you guys think? Still waiting on my MPxS to come back from Charles but it will be worth the wait...anyone have results from their new adradive coated rotors?

    Sell/trade chrome bullets

    Hey all just looking to sell/trade my 18x9 chrome bullets for black 18x9 saleens Her is info and pics Just looking for best offer if no one can trade so I can just buy new black saleens

    Chrome Bullets for Black Saleens

    I want black 18x9 saleen rims in tbird pattern and I have chrome 18x9 bullits in tbird pattern one rim has a light scuff on the lip but a wheel shop told me it can be easily fixed Sell or Trade...this is for RIMS ONLY no tires.

    Aftermarket front seats

    Did some searching and couldn't find a definitive answer... What needs to be done and what parts are needed to fit aftermarket front seats in a 91 SC...passenger seat is non power and driver is power I am looking for low hassle and can easily put original seats back in... and can any...

    what road coarse modifications needed?

    Next year I want to start road coursing my SC... Besides the obvious power and suspension mods, what are some good mods to have for road coursing? I have a 91 5-speed SC with 342rwhp 403rwt, light steel fly, centerforce DF cl;utch, short throw, alum driveshaft, alum diff w/ auburn pro 3.07...

    MAF housing size?

    Was just wondering how much air flow through the maf is needed to support 3.5 intake, 85mmTB and MPx with new rotor coating? I have a 76mm and it is probably good enough, but was just thinking about getting an 85mm to make the intake all the same size. also, would I need to retune if I just...

    took a little page out of shelby's book...

    I really like the looks and it feels great! it is about a 1/2" further from the driver than the stock stick but it only took a couple drives to get used to the shift boot is a little scrunched up but not too bad

    Dyno and Track Day Comments and Advice Welcome

    Just got back from a Dyno and Track Day with my South Bay American Muscle group Awesome fun! First dyno and track for this SC Was really impressed with dyno #s considering it runs on only 91 octane

    Thank you dan

    she went in easy...stiffened up the rear a bit and grips tighter on the turns ;)

    battery hold/tie down

    what is a good battery tie down for the stock location? and does anyone know if tracks will allow the stock hold down block?

    13" 5x4.25 rotors?

    where can I find these besides supercoupeperformance? Just want to see what my options are. slotted are preferred thanks

    Dyno and Track Day

    So my club and I are going to be doing a Dyno and Track day october 3rd I havent booked the dyno yet but it is a wednesday so shouldnt be a problem After the dyno we will be cruising up to Sonoma Raceway to drag Dynoing for sure will be: My 91 SC 2007 Stock Mustang Shelby GT 2012 Mustang 5.0...

    Good book on tuning?

    Is there a good book on learning to tune out there?

    400rwhp on 91 octane?

    does anyone know if it is possible or has anyone ever gotten 400rwhp in their SC using 91 octane gas with no fuel helpers?

    Best Bachelor Party Ever!!!!!

    Just got back from my bachelor are a few pics... Sooooo much fun!!!!...Drove from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara on HWY 1. Stopped at Pismo Beach for some pics and funny looks from the beach goers...Nothing like driving a 12second car on sand :D