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  1. Payton


    Yeah, Vitas, it's frustrating But persistence pays off. hopefully Good to see you are still around and keeping your Tbird
  2. Payton

    Looking for parts

    Hey Drew, been long time. I' a bigger MAF if you are interested. you are welcome to have it.
  3. Payton


    How are you guys all doing ? I am staying home for about a month now, trying to avoid all work. Procrastinating at the finest. Hope you all are safe Dzmitry
  4. Payton

    Who's still out there? Let's meet

    See you there. Is Tony back yet?
  5. Payton

    So let's get together

    Oops, Alan made me to believe that the meet is this sunday, hence I didn't make it
  6. Payton

    This year's Shootout

    Wow, nice job. Congrats Roll cage should be on the shopping list as well.
  7. Payton

    So let's get together

    I'll try to make it
  8. Payton

    89-92 Rear window top trim

    Looking for one in decent shape. Mine is all gone. Let me know what you got . Thanks You can email me pics to dbatsiai at gmail dot com
  9. Payton

    Aftermarket C&L MAF for sale

    Yes Greg. .....
  10. Payton

    Aftermarket C&L MAF for sale

    3.5" inlet and 3" outlet Asking 50$ Contact me if interested 416-703-3671 Dzmitry
  11. Payton

    My Shootout Story

    Welcome to the club Alan. Nice to see all hard work starting to pay off. You always have a story to tell coming back from the shoot out, eh?) What a crappy video. Did you shoot it with Motorolla Razor?
  12. Payton

    Spring has finally sprung

    Thanks again Alan for a thunderbird supercoupe delivery service provided.
  13. Payton

    Going To The Track

    And? How did your car do?
  14. Payton

    Going To The Track

    You choose the hottest week of the year to test your car performance? Hopefully it cools off by Friday night. Unfortunstelly I am a slave of my work schedule, haven't got a chance to drive my car once yet:( Good luck Al on Friday
  15. Payton

    Track Day

    Al, any updates from the Transmision shop?
  16. Payton

    New president of Ontario chapter

    Thanks for kind words guys. Iam sure that with Alan we are moving in the right direction. He has been the most active member in our chapter for many years and good representative of our north side to the club events. Keep up the good work, Al
  17. Payton

    New president of Ontario chapter

    Hey everybody, Sorry I disappeared for quite some time, but work is too busy, trying to spend some time with the family and all that funny stuff around it kept me extremely busy. Unfortunately, Ive got not time for the club or even to drive my car lately... SO Alan and I met up today for a cup...
  18. Payton

    Trailer needs new home

    Didn't use it much unfortunately. Looking for a new home. Needs the suspension looked after and new paint