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    94 SC Auto-Teal-134,xxx miles $3500

    Hey everyone. I am offering for sale my 94 SC auto. It has a little over 134k miles. It is teal with oyster leather interior. Fully loaded with all power and sunroof. I have had the car for about 1 1/2 years. While I have had the car, I have repainted the top surfaces, replaced the radiator...
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    94 SC Auto, Teal 124K

    I am looking to sell my 1994 SC auto. It is teal with gray leather interior and has apporx. 124K on the clock. The car is in great condition. I have recently repainted the top portions of the car and it really looks great. the car has new Goodyear tires, new front end links, fresh tune up with...
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    Idle adjustment

    Is there a way to manually adjust the timing on a 94 SC? The previous owner had installed an OD pulley, not sure the percentage, which I think makes the car idle a little low. It idles around 500 when in drive. It will dip down a little lower and stumble when I am parking or backing up. Thanks.
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    My 94 SC after fresh paint
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    South Carolina mechanic

    I just had the pleasure of meeting Dave Micale in Rock Hill, SC. I was referred to him by Big E for some work that needed to be done on my 94 SC auto. Plugs and wires. This guy is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about these cars. His price was very reasonable and was great to do business...
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    OD electrics

    Sorry, I forgot to include this in my earlier post. 94 SC Auto I also need the electronic insert that goes inside the shifter handle that lets you shift out of overdrive. When removing my handle to install a new shifter button, I snapped the wires and could not repair them. It is driving me...
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    Drivers kick panel trim

    I am in need of an opal gray drivers side kick panel for a 94 SC. Mine broke while removing a ~~~ atermarket security system the previous owner had installed. Thanks.
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    Profile Picture

    I know this may be a stupid question, but how do I add a picture to my profile?
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    Breking up at WOT

    1994 SC auto with 122K. Car runs well under normal driving. However when I put it to the mat, the car seems to breakdown and miss when the boost is around 13-15 psi. I have replaced the coil, fuel filter, and PCV. I have not tackled t he plugs and wires yet. I have observed that if I manually...
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    Front sway bar end links

    How in the heck do you get the bottom pin out? The one connected to the sway bar. Mine seems to be frozen and I can't get a hammer on the end of the pin. I am only using regular hand tools and don't have any specialty suspension removal tools. HELP!!??:confused: