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  1. ricardoa1

    Improving cooling, better aux rad or removing oil cooler lines to its own system?

    Given that oil cooling is supposedly responsible for cooling the engine 20-30%. Would it prove beneficial to remove the hoses from the water pump and create a separate cooling for the oil, heat exchanger with an external pump? Or do we simply add an Aux radiator parallel to assist the main...
  2. ricardoa1

    Throwout bearing removal from slave cylinder

    Any tips on how to remove replace a throwout bearing? Does it just pry off? I forget how to do this I usually just do the whole thing.
  3. ricardoa1

    Sawing machine sounds.

    Before I part this cancer of a car, I’d like to remain calm and definitively check my brain and senses because I swear I am loosing it or maybe I just know the car too well. Here we go, so my car has been quieter with the new muffler and I went through several gaskets to get rid of an exhaust...
  4. ricardoa1

    Play dumb games win dumb prizes.

    Trying to crowd please and show off I managed to burn up something clutch related, 20” 3.08 and second gear dump clutch is was not what I had expected as it bogged and tried to recover the burnout by redumping the clutch at 5000rpms. I can smell the clutch material as we John Forced it for 30-40...
  5. ricardoa1

    Hot summer days and the SC

    Nice weather means taking the SC out, but temperatures have been climbing and with the help of BE I got chance to scale the factory temperature gauge, so that I know the limits when I run into a situation where itÂ’s too hot outside. NORM is the operating range on my car and beginning of N is...
  6. ricardoa1

    AOD research

    With Alan gone, I am trying to gather knowledge on what options are at my disposal. I’m hoping to install the 350whp engine in front of an automatic budget permitting, I will be 3.27 in the back, 90 SC AOD as a core likely. Torque converter options, solid input vs direct drive or direct drive...
  7. ricardoa1

    Differential vent tube/hose leaking.

    I got around to checking where the oil stains were coming from, I had a assumed it was from the side seals since they were not changed during my recent rebuild. Instead the drips where from the lower control arm area, which is where the hose gets tucked into the subframe, anyways, the nipple was...
  8. ricardoa1

    The journey from 1999 to 2018.

    19 years ago I took ownership of a car that changed my life for better or worse. Have some great memories, was the car I drove of after my wedding, went on many nights out with the ladies, has brought fun, joy and pride as well disappointment. Underdog mentality and making it things it was not...
  9. ricardoa1

    Fun thread. 5 things you hate and 5 things you love about your own SC.

    Love 1. Long and wide body, especially when lowered. 2. 94 and up interior, lumbar and bolsters. 3. ARC button 4. Variable steering 5. Large 5 passenger interior Hate 1. Unpopular=Terrible value. 2. Lack of big HP potential without changing the basic layout. 3. Unreliable. 4. Built in the...
  10. ricardoa1

    Addco to stock sway bars

    I got a chance to remove the Addco 1 3/8" from the front of the car. I also painted the stock 89 rear bar that will be going in in my efforts to defune the race car feeling suspension. Now I'm faced with funding the missing parts but it seems they are not available? I need help with part...
  11. ricardoa1

    Spec flywheels?

    Does anybody know if the Spec flywheels billet or aluminum has the crank mounting holes in stock bolt size or are they a little smaller and take ARP ford flywheel bolts?
  12. ricardoa1

    My new addiction therapy/reminder

    <a href=""><img src="" title="made at"/></a>
  13. ricardoa1

    Blue SC chit chat

    Posting an update for those that still care to read on Last year was a bitter sweet experience with the SC I got the car back from SCU got a nifty Dyno sheet and was left with a car that needed some love back. Gettting back into the swing of the things with limited time and resources...
  14. ricardoa1

    Oil pan gasket?

    Is RTV the only solution for sealing the oil pan on our cars? The maga boost machine looks like created a leak around the oil pan sealing areas. Do the big boost guys have this problem often?
  15. ricardoa1

    Boost line

    Where does the vac boost line go when it gets to the firewall, does it keep going past as one continuous line or is there a connector at the fire wall?
  16. ricardoa1

    Support group

    Checking back in after the long hiatus. I got my blue SuperCoupe street racer back and can't seem to be in love, anymore I was excited to receive it and waited for it for a long time. I drove it twice the last two weeks, yesterday I was able to inspected it and got to drive it the entire day...
  17. ricardoa1

    VBulletin apps for smart phones.

    Does this site support mobile apps? I dont have time to lurk anymore via a PC and being on my mobile phone all the time. I hate full websites, does sccoa want to invest in mobile apps?
  18. ricardoa1

    Pool, car wash, burgers and beers.

    Anybody up for a get together on a Saturday in July or August. Don't need to have a car ready, but we can just hang out, family and kids can come. Anybody interested? It would take place in Westwood, Ma 02090.
  19. ricardoa1

    Looking for 94-95 windage tray with pickup

    Looking to but a windage tray and pickup. No studs needed.
  20. ricardoa1

    AUX with factory radio

    Awsome! Figure I share. Installation could be neater but it works.