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  1. Falcon20x

    phishing email attempt?

    So just receive the following email today. I remove the links so no-one would actually click on them. Thoughts? Dear Falcon20x We here at are so proud of our recent work, and we'd like to thank you for being a part of our community. However, our mission to maintain a...
  2. Falcon20x

    What color to choose for new wheels

    The car is a white 93 SC. Thinking to upgrade the wheels to 18 inches. Here are some of the choices. Thoughts?
  3. Falcon20x

    89 to 92 TEVES ABS hydraulic pump.

    Band new NOS, in the original box. Some damage on one of the plastic piece(see pictures). Make a fair offer
  4. Falcon20x

    Black door panel

    Two black door panel. Great shape, look almost as new. $100 plus shipping[ATTACH=CONFIG]68811[/ATTACH
  5. Falcon20x

    Thunderbird Owner nationwide support network idea

    on of my other hobby is motorcycle riding. I belong to a motorcycle forum just like SCCoA, one of the services provided with my membership is an access to a nationwide support network. Members who are willing to help out and can provide any type of support, to include but not limited to, tools...
  6. Falcon20x

    Spinning wheels out of buisness?

    Any one knows if spinning wheels still in business?
  7. Falcon20x

    1993 SC harness

    Looking for the harness that connects from the passenger side the fire wall to the fuel and crankshaft sensor. Must be a from 93, earlier model do not the coolant temperature sensor on the return coolant line located on the passenger side.
  8. Falcon20x

    Twin throttle body for SC

    Anyone ever used one a twin throttle body on a SuperCoupe? Thoughts?
  9. Falcon20x

    1993 Ford Thunderbird

    Falcon20x submitted a new Showcase Item: 1993 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  10. Falcon20x

    1990 Ford Thunderbird

    Falcon20x submitted a new Showcase Item: 1990 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  11. Falcon20x

    Early model Door lock Keyless entry remote system, no door key pad needed.

    The only option I ever got to work for the early model (89-93) was a modify 94/95 control module. Unfortunately, to get to it work you must have a door keypad. If your car does not have one, you might consider the option below. It is possible, I just got it done !!!! If anyone is interested, I...
  12. Falcon20x

    90 vs 93 supercharger.

    Is there a difference between the two that would cause the earlier one to be louder? The whining is noticeably louder on my 90. I can hardly ear it on my 1993. The video below are not mine but sound excatly like my cars
  13. Falcon20x

    iPhone/ android/ MP3 player hook up to the original stereo solution

    I realize that most people would rather upgrade to a nicer and more modern equipment. However, for people like me who want to keep the car as close as possible to the original equipment and yet would like enjoy a few of the modern features available on the new cars today, I was wondering if...
  14. Falcon20x

    Looking for a IRS rear sub frame

    Preferably in Texas, Oklahoma or Louisiana. I only need the IRS rear subframe for a 1990 auto.
  15. Falcon20x

    Rear subframe transplant question

    Does any one knows if a N/A 3.8 or 5.0 sport have the same rear subframe than a 1990 sc? Can the sub frame IRS section from either one be transplanted to the SC and would the shocks, lower and upper arms, axels, pumpkin, etc.... from the 1990 fit?
  16. Falcon20x

    Another head gasket issue

    I know, I know most of you are thinking so many head gasket treads already. This one is not much different, except that I have either the worst luck or I'm just plain dumb. Between three engines and five set of rebuild heads, I have replaced the head gaskets about 7 times. The last head gasket...
  17. Falcon20x

    Pulley combination

    What is the best pulley combination? I already have a 5% overdrive jack shaft and a 10% MP crank pulley and 7% supercharger pulley. I was wondering what would be the best pulley Combo. Would a underdrive water pump pulley be a good or bad addition ?
  18. Falcon20x

    Engine code 11. 14. And 19

    Last week while driving at 60 mph the engine die suddenly twice then restarted right away without cranking the starter. Friday, the engine just die while driving. It would turn over but no ignition. I checked all the connections, I did not see anything unusual. I tried to start the engine a...
  19. Falcon20x

    Power steering pump pulley came loose

    Just finished a head gasket replacement. The engine was running at idle for about a hour. The issue started with a squealing noise clearly coming from the power steering, then the noise got progressively worst until the belt came off. I found out that the pulley was getting loose, I did not...
  20. Falcon20x

    Radiator fan always on

    Awhile back I had what I believe was a engine overheat. I noticed the temperature gage dropping down to almost nothing, the coolant expansion tank was full with a lot of air bulbs coming up. I was expecting the water pump to have failed so I started to tear down the engine and found out that the...