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  1. Norm-L

    Looking for a 94/95 SC instrument panel

    If anyone has one, I need a 94/95 SC instrument panel. The gauges are not necessary, nor is the clear panel or rear housing. My main interest is an undamaged cluster face panel. I cannot use an LX panel because it is built for a volts gauge in place of the boost gauge. Thanks
  2. Norm-L

    Looking for Dusty Lee

    Does anyone here know Dusty Lee? He sent me some great links via facebook messenger and now those commies have blocked us from communicating. If you know him, please let him know to contact me here. Thanks, Norm
  3. Norm-L

    8.8 IRS axle seals

    I have been chasing my tail trying to find new axle seals for my SC diff housing. You'd think it would be easy...just give the year, make and model and get the right part number. Not quite. The parts stores keep coming up with seals that aren't even close to the right size. Then, when I think...
  4. Norm-L

    Question about Mark 8 ally control arm conversion

    I have a pair of Mark 8 aluminum control arms that are almost ready to get installed. Before doing so, I took some measurements to compare the spring perch depth to the original SC control arms. I needed to figure out how it might affect my rear ride height. I'm hoping they can help lower the...
  5. Norm-L

    Is anyone interested in a hood like this?

    I've been using this hood I made last winter. It was intended to be used to make a mold, but time ran out for the show season, so I had to use it for now. This winter I'm going to remove the hood to make the mold so the actual fiberglass or carbon fiber hood can be made. I'm wondering if some...
  6. Norm-L

    Facelift finally finished!

    I've missed driving my SC since last summer. I don't think I've been able to do 50 miles this year. That's gonna change cuz I'm not making any more changes for a while. I'm burnt out...for now. After building new blacked-out quad-projector headlights, tinting my taillights and modifying my...
  7. Norm-L

    96/97 Hood Needed

    Does anyone in the Indiana area have a 96/97 Thunderbird hood available? I'm not worried about the paint quality, but I'd like it to be in good shape. Thanks in advance, Norm
  8. Norm-L

    Indy World of Wheels

    I got into my first World of Wheels since 1990 in Rhode Island. If any local MN12 owners want to stop by the show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, it would be great to see you out there. Let the show begin....
  9. Norm-L

    Radiator fan low speed issue?

    I've been trying to figure out if I have a radiator fan problem with my 95 SC. It seems to me that when the fan kicks in, it goes straight to high speed. It doesn't seem to match the specs in the service manual. Using an infrared temp gauge on the radiator by the upper hose nipple, the temp...
  10. Norm-L

    Radio/GPS upgrade

    Last year, I decided to get a GPS/stereo to make it a bit easier to find car show locations. Against my better judgment, I picked a single din radio with a pop-up screen. T-Bird dashes are so sleek that I was sure I wouldn't like the radio sticking out over an inch even with the screen...
  11. Norm-L

    94/95 Center dash panel

    Does anyone have a center dash panel that surrounds the radio, climate controls, etc. for a '94/'95? It doesn't need to be perfect although good would be nice. It doesn't need to have any of the components included. I just need the bare panel. Thanks, Norm
  12. Norm-L

    Trunklid bumper issue

    I don't know about the rest of you, but both my SCs had the same problem with the trunklid bumpers being too short. They only thread in about 1/2 - 3/4 of a turn and they tend to want to fall out when you clean the inside of the lid. In the case of both my SCs, the left side of the trunklid...
  13. Norm-L

    Rock-N-Roll Car Show

    I just wanted to let everybody know about this car show, if you haven't already heard of it. I went to this one a couple of years ago. They had almost 500 cars that year. I couldn't go last year, but I believe they topped the 500 mark. It would be great to see a few more SCs there. The show...
  14. Norm-L

    2010 Shootout-Just got back

    I just got home from a one day trip to the Shootout for the car show portion of the event. It was great to go to a show where I didn't have the only SC. I was like a kid in a candy store. I enjoyed seeing all the mods people have done to their SCs, XR7s, and Mark VIIIs. There were lots of...
  15. Norm-L

    1995 Ford Thunderbird

    They’re all individual bulbs I got off eBay years ago. Haven’t had any issues. Definitely worth the $10 I think I paid
  16. Norm-L

    Wanted: ARC Control Box for 95 SC

    If anyone has a good one they'd like to sell, please let me know. The part# on mine is F2SF-18B008-AA Thanks.
  17. Norm-L

    Help, unusual steering/ARC problem

    I have a 95 SC 5-speed with 32,000 miles. Today a new problem arose. The car has been sitting for 3 weeks, on stands for the last week while I detailed the suspension and chassis. When I fired it up, the steering felt like it had tight spots. I then realized they weren't tight spots. With a...
  18. Norm-L

    Wanted: 95 SC Opel Gray floor mats

    I know it's a stretch, but does anyone have any new opel gray floor mats? I gave away a set when I sold my last SC. I Didn't expect to own another one.
  19. Norm-L

    1995 Ford Thunderbird

    Kevin, Since the early model crank position sensor mounts to the engine block, you don't need to change the timing cover. The 94-95 cover will work on all years. David