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  1. Ddubb

    Parted out a couple 1994/1995 SC's

    I had a couple of 1994/1995 SC's parted out over here a few years back. I ended up with a bunch of spare parts. Too many for me to inventory and list, so if there is something you are looking for, just ask and I will try to look for it. I am flexible on pricing, can combine shipping. Larger...
  2. Ddubb

    Rear Differential, Aluminum Mark 8 case, 3.73 with Trac-Lok

    For sale: Aluminum differential case from Mark VIII 3.73:1 Gears ( Ford OEM gears, not aftermarket Motive or FRPP gears, these are actual Ford production parts from an Explorer or Expedition ) Trac-Lok - Limited slip, Rebuilt with New clutches ( Ford rebuild kit ) F-150 S-Spring, stronger than...
  3. Ddubb

    FS: Stock 1994/1995 Supercharger + Plenum

    Have a 1994/1995 Supercharger and Intake Plenum for sale. About 170k miles. Rotor coating looks mostly intact. Asking $250.00, Shipping included. Paypal accepted.
  4. Ddubb

    Parting 1994 SC 5 speed

    Parting out a 1994 Thunderbird SC 5 speed, Opal Frost - No moonroof, No premium stereo, no Keyless entry. Chassis has been scrapped. Everything available unless noted. Many parts available, PM or respond to thread. Parts Sold: Center console, Top and Shift knob Headliner Front bumper cover...
  5. Ddubb

    1994 SC "rolling chassis" for sale ..

    Like the title says, I may have one or two 1994 Super Coupe chassis for sale, no engine / transmission. If anybody is interested in these before they are parted out and recycled. - Dan
  6. Ddubb

    Catalytic Converters ..

    Have a pair of stock Catalytic converters with the Flanges to the manifolds, cut off after the Cat itself, these have all of the substrate intact - if anybody is looking to replace a bad cat. Just offering them up here before I recycle them, they are worth $40 each if recycled, so I will be...
  7. Ddubb

    Coolant / Therostat outlet Pipe

    Looking for a T-Stat housing / Outlet pipe .. needs to be in decent condition to replace one that is Leaking on a customers SC. Thanks - Dan
  8. Ddubb

    Cleaning garage, lots of misc. parts ..

    Seeing if anybody needs any of these parts, I have a ton of little things laying around, Im starting to clean out my storage and take inventory but most of these should be SC parts. Make offer + shipping on anything, pictures available if you need them. 89-93 throttle cable 94/95 auto...
  9. Ddubb

    IC Gasket Set - THICK Teflon

    These are made out of Thicker Teflon, the same spec as the original Wynn gaskets. I had a need for more of these, so I upgraded the material on this run. I have quite a few sets left over if anybody is interested. Cost is $22.50 shipped for each set of 4 gaskets ( 3 stud mount, one for collar...
  10. Ddubb

    New car to build - 1963 Nova Super Sport.

    This car has been sitting for a while and now its finally coming time to start on this project. 1963 Nova SS .. and I have a TON of parts for this, enough to fill up a whole room in your house with boxes. I am building this car for a customer / good friend. The car currently has the Inline 6...
  11. Ddubb

    BHJ + Broken crank pulley bolts ..

    Well .. the last time my crank pulley started wobbling, the bolts were tightened up a bit. Now it started making that knocking sound again, so I went to pull the crank pulley off .. three of the four bolts were broken. So I pulled the HB off also, the BHJ bolts are only tapped down to the hub...
  12. Ddubb

    Dynomax Muffler ..

    I just pulled this off a customers Super Coupe - its about 3 years old. It broke off completely from the exhaust pipe, it was welded horribly. He was wondering what that rattle sound was coming from the exhaust .. :D - Dan
  13. Ddubb

    Should I put this on my front bumper ??

    ... been thinking about this one for a while, wondering if anybody has any thoughts. I am trying to keep the car MOSTLY stock .. but I thought this one might look sort of cool. I dont plan on having a front lisence plate either. Leave it STOCK ?? Or hack my bumper up ?? :D - Dan
  14. Ddubb

    Could a Flywheel cause the engine to shake at idle ??

    Im still trying to help a local SC owner with his 1995 5 speed. It developed a shaking about 2 years ago after the rear differential went out making a bad noise - another mechanic diagnosed it as the clutch, so he replaced the Flywheel, and Clutch .. and when the noise didnt stop, he figured...
  15. Ddubb

    Lincoln LS sunroof help ?

    Im having a weird problem with the sunroof on a 2004 Lincoln LS. The thing opens and closes fine, but it never centers itself in the correct closed position. Sometimes it closes a little up or down from the roof line - or it will try to "find" the center by going Up and down a couple times...
  16. Ddubb

    Some New stock wheels on my 94 SC

    Before : After. :D I worked out a deal with a buddy and picked up this set of Chrome 94 SC wheels to replace my dirty brake dust discolored painted ones. Tires are Bridgestones 225/60's .. I took it for a little test drive and they feel pretty good too. - Dan
  17. Ddubb

    Cleaning out around the garage ...

    1. 94/95 Manual Transmission Harness - Home made, not original or exactly the same as factory but it worked fine. 2. 94-97 Auto Transmission Harness - Repinned for 98 circuit board internals 3. Fuel Pump connector with about 5 ft. wiring Make offer + shipping, Paypal accepted. Just want to...
  18. Ddubb

    Teflon IC Gasket sets

    I still have a couple of these left over .. Teflon gasket set of 4 for the IC to IC tubes. $12 shipped, paypal accepted. - Dan
  19. Ddubb

    Free Gas Tank ( 92-97 )

    For the later model exhaust .. if anybody here still has the old style gas tank and wants to run a straighter exhaust .. pick it up FREE .. no fuel pump is included, I gave that away free to somebody else who needed it. - Dan
  20. Ddubb

    Lowered another SC today

    Installed my old set of 2" Intrax drop springs in this 1990 SC today ( In the rain I might add .. ) :rolleyes:. Car has Momo wheels and 235/55/17 tires, and Illumina2 shocks. - Dan