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    borrow good DIS?

    Hi Does anyone have a known good DIS they can loan me? I have three DIS modules and none of them will start my 1991 SC. If anyone in the N Bay Area has a known good one to loan me, I would sure appreciate it. Thank you. Jason
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    Help to remove center console 91 auto

    Hi I am trying to remove the front upper part of the center console, not the armrest part. I have covered a small plastic piece with leather and want to install it on the underside of the console around the brake handle. I have removed the three screws just under the armrest. I can move the...
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    blue cloth lx interior Nor Cal

    There is a nearly perfect light blue cloth interior from an lx or something. Not an SC, anyway, no side bolsters. At the Pick and Pull in Windsor CA. North SF Bay Area. The seats are better than mine, and mine have only 70k miles on them, but I am keeping my leather SC seats. Still, I hate...
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    JBL premium sound - Contour cd player wiring help

    Hi I request help wiring a Ford Contour CD player into my 1991 SC with premium sound. I installed a Contour CD player and it lights up and looks great and tunes to the next station, but there is no sound. Mine had the tape player and no CD. I found the CD player at the JY from... I guess a...
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    Warning Chime Module Location

    Whoop. 1991
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    New Supercoupe

    I am very happy to have a new 1991 Supercoupe. I have spent a month getting her running. Great to drive, bear to work on!