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  1. J

    89 clutch pedal

    looking for a 89 clutch pedal shipped to 01529
  2. J

    Autometer Gauges Inside Stock Cluster

    I picked up some carbon fiber gauges on the cheap from craigslist to try an idea I'd been kicking around. What do you guys think.
  3. J

    head unit & cd player

    they have been bench tested and work fine $50 plus shipping
  4. J

    1989 Ford Thunderbird

    JimmyMan submitted a new Showcase Item: 1989 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  5. J

    code 49

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I have searched through as many posts as I could find for this same problem. Not a single one has the resolution posted. For the first 30 seconds to a minute the car feels like it's running on 2 cylinders, then all at once it cleans up and runs ok...
  6. J

    92+ fuel tank heat shield

    Mine is rotted badly, does anyone have one?
  7. J

    Summer Nationals

    Anyone attend? I only saw two other MN12's. One red v8 SC clone and one of those ugly conversions on a couger.