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    Looking for DIC

    Hey Fellas, Been looking for a decent double intercooler. Wondering if anyone here has one kicking around that they want to part with? Thanks Drew
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    WTB double intercooler or FMIC

    Looking for a DIC or FMIC. Thanks Drew
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    Finally tinted the windows

    For many years I never wanted the windows tinted on this car. But I recently changed my mind and glad i did. Super happy how it turned out and cant wait till spring to get it back out. Couple pics of the finished work.
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    It's a start I guess

    Began some pre-work on some parts I've collected to hopefully add up to a decent shot at some hp gains. Long way to go but I have the headers sandblasted and coated. Also got the blowers pulled apart last night to swap rotor and nose packs. I will assemble the MPIII with the 95 rotor pack and...
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    Late model fuel tank

    Figured I'd toss this out there. Looking for a decent late model fuel tank in case anyone has one they dont need. Thanks Drew
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    Custom wheel shop

    Does anyone know if the custom wheel shop is still open? Looked on line and cant seem to find it. Thanks Drew
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    Few drives and old pics

    Hey guys hope you are all well and had a decent summer. Or as good as we all could anyway. Was busy for us but I managed to get the SC out for a few really nice drives. Was going trough some old pics the other day and came across a bunch from 96ish and my first SC the 91 which was actually my...
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    Couple pics

    Had the SC out of the garage a couple weeks back. Was a nice day so I took the boy for a little drive around town. Was a great time for both of us actually. Took a few pics along the way lol.
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    Looking for a DIC

    Anyone have a double intercooler for sale? Looking for one. Thanks Drew
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    Looking for parts

    Hey guy, been a while since I've been on the site. Looks like action is slowed or moved to somewhere else? Had some fun for several years with some old trucks which have come and gone now. But one thing that managed to stay was the SC. I'm looking forward to actually driving it this year and...
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    Performance parts for sale

    I posted this in the for sale section but thought I would post the link here in case anyone local wants any gear. Thanks Drew
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    performance parts for sale

    The time has come for me to sell these parts to someone who will use and enjoy them. Been accumulating them for a while with hopes of turning my SC into something really cool. Anyway I am moving on from that dream so here is what I have. Thanks for looking. New KW double intercooler with...
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    Looking for kick panels

    Anyone have a set of early model kick panels they want to part with? Don't cars what color. Thanks Drew
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    Disney Cars 3

    I know I'm kinda dumb but I just saw the trailer for the new Cars3 movie coming out this summer. whoa, I'm a little pumped lol. I guess that's what happens when you have a couple kids and a boy that is crazy for cars and loves the Cars movies. I'm not crazy for Cars2 it sorta sucks but still...
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    94/95 stock blower for sale

    I have a blower I scored off a wrecked 95 a few years ago, was saving it for a rainy day but I don't see a need for it. No chips or issues, rotors are smooth. Asking 275 obo, I could clean it up and paint as well. Drew
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    SC show/diner meet

    Hey guys, Gonna toos this out there to see if anyone would be interested. There is a great 50's style burger shop in Pickering down by the lake called Big M's. Awesome food, small little take out diner that's been there for like 50 years. Anyway I know the owner pretty good and he used to have a...
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    Nice one

    Sure wish Santa could put this one in the garage. Little pricey but one of the lowest K's I've seen in the area. Drew
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    Spotted a beauty sc today

    Anyone here crusing Kipling/Evans area this afteroon in their SC? Red, lowered with polished stock wheels with red accents. Car looked killer, I was sitting at the light when it went by. Sweet looking sc, made me want to go home and pull mine out of the garage. Drew
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    How many left?

    Bruce got something going there so I was wondering how many SC's we have out there in our chapter right now? Not sure how to get the club users count or if that matters. But basically who still owns/drives or has an SC in various states of rebuild or surgurey? Anyone need help maybe getting...
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    Happy new years

    Happy new years guys. Hope you all get some miles on the old SC's or Cougars this year. Drew