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    Superchargers and intercoolers for sale

    The superchargers are sold, I still have two intercoolers if anyone is interested . 100 each for the intercoolers. Located in Markham , no shipping , if anyone is interested send a pm or reply to this post. They have been posted on the local GTA kijiji if you prefer to use that route. Thanks. Dave.
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    pre 94 steering wheel swap questions , LX to SC

    I have been looking at the steering wheel in the teal 93 5.0 project car , its grey and the original wheel from the car , so not an SC .. its in very good shape, and its " ok " looking but planned on adding a custom leather wrap to it with a small amount of padding to make it a bit more...
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    Post yours or others moderate to heavily power modded MN12 car pics here

    There are probably plenty out there ... Denis post the other day about the 427 big blockThunderbird on YT gave me a nudge to post this . So , how about people post some MN12/FN10 model power plant pics , info , vid links etc . There has to be plenty out there , great promotion and involvement...
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    1994 Cougar [ not supercharged ] to trade for a good set of doors , in Markham ont.

    EDIT Oct 21/2018 : , car is going for scrap , I had a good look at the underneath yesterday , in my opinion its not worth it for anyone to fix . I am doing a major purge around the property and in the garages so the old stand by transportation the 94 Cougar is on the list .. the mice got...
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    Moon roof instal

    For anyone wanting to attempt this . This is my 93 teal Thunderbird 5.0L , Chassis is completely rust free , very low K , but wanted a moon roof so from a complete donor roof I drilled out the spot welds , cut the sealers and peeled it off , did the same on the teal car, re straightened and...
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    Looking for a clean 94-97 4.6 Thunderbird near the GTA

    Nothing in the US or out of province at this point. Looking for a 4.6 , prefer black on black, prefer moon roof car but has to have a clean body . Thanks . Dave .
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    Lindsay car show this weekend . July 11-13 2014 .

    Its a pretty good show put on every year on the main drag of Lindsay [ I think its called Kent st west ] , July 11th to 13th , I am assuming it starts friday night ? possibly at the A&W but then towards the east end of the street on the weekend , I have only gone on a saturday or sunday in the...
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    Arm drop racing [ Picton Ont. ]

    is on tomorrow [ Saturday ] , I heard its an old airport strip, but if anyone is interested they will have to look it up. As I understand it , its a run what you brung .. and alot "looser" rules than at the track.. but again, you need to look up to verify . Was told it starts at noon .
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    problem opening this website

    It will not work with internet explorer , it freezes half way threw , but will work threw Mozilla , anyone have any [ helpful ] idea why . It used to work fine.. then there was intermittent problems and now it will not work open the page at all. Thanks. Dave.
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    Looking for some good 15" tires for 94 Cougar

    Or even a good set of the 16" on the factoryXR7 rims for my 94 V6 . Prefer on rims . PM me if you have anything within the GTA . Dave.
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    blowing gauge fuse : Solution - windshild washer sensor shorted out

    The 94 Cougar is blowing the 5 amp gauge fuse under the dash , the voltage gauge does not work now ,also the EATC control digital readout does not work .. changed the fuse and it blew right away ..any ideas where to start. The alt is charging at 14.9v , so a bit hi but it should not cause a...
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    question about editing a post

    I have edited my post selling the Boss block saying it was sold.., but only could find the option to edit the actual post but not the header . is there a way to do that so two thousand or more people don't need to open a post that is done with ?? Dave.
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    V8 engine swap info

    Tom [ Black V8 ] and I are doing an engine and tranni swap on his 90 Cougar . Coming out - a 3.8SC with auto. Going in - 92 thunderbird 5.0 engine with stick. He has a clutch system and 5spd trani out of a 90 SC , does anyone know if it will fit onto a 5.0 Mustang flywheel and are there...
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    5.8L [ 351W ] turbo motor for sale

    I have Waynes 351W that was in his SC turbo car if anyone is interested in it, I am thinking of selling so testing the waters. Looking for reasonable offers from people that know what a race motor costs to build by a reputable builder. This is a low compression turbo motor , built for boost...
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    looking for a 92 T Bird hood

    I may need one in the near future so starting the looking now , must be clean, rust free and local to the GTA. If anyone has anything just PM me . Thanks. Dave
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    so .. how about those Jays ...
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    looking for 87/88 "turbo coupe" wiring harness

    I am looking for a TB turbo coupe eng/abs/ride control harness, has to be complete with no butchering , I need it all except the the dash stuff... I don't need any modules. Has to be 87 or 88 . Thanks.
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    free 90 SC dash

    UPDATE ... One dash has been picked up , the other has a few cracks that I found when cleaning it , so its going to the dump , unless someone wants it for the wires/radio etc. Original post... If anyone wants to convert to a black dash, I have a couple of them , one is an 89 , the other is 90...
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    looking for a good aod tranni

    I am looking for an AOD non electronic , preferably with a hardened input shaft etc.. Anyone have anything ? Must be in the GTA or fairly close to GTA . Dave.
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    15 inch alum rims

    4 TB rims, good for winter rims. 50.00 . Pick up only. Markham ont . Dave