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    Parting out 2 super coupes. 1 a 35th.

    chin strap looking for a good rad. air deflector. ( rubber like mat that hangs over sway bar)
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    burst clutch line 1990 SC

    clutch Sounds like clutch slave cylinder blew a seal.
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    1989 sc.

    She looks great how's interior ?
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    Great seller, found a hard to get plastic cowl for my 35th, fog light switch with working light, factory sub, all in great shape at a fair price, good communication,I'd buy from him again.
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    fuel tank issue

    My tank leaked at return line o ring only when running, had to carefully with hand snips cut hole under rear seat to observe leaking in action. New o rings on supply and return lines fixed fuel leak.
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    parting out 2 1990 supercoupes.....

    Cowl piece Looking for driver's side cowl piece (plastic).
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    89 Cowl Count Needed

    I'll take one
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    Plastic piece

    plastic piece Any luck, where are you?
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    Plastic piece

    cowl piece Interested ,what condition, price ?
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    SC parts for sale

    Fog light looking for console fog light switch with working light ,also external plastic cowl pieces 1990 SC
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    Plastic piece

    I need either side or the whole plastic piece between windshield and hood for 90 SC.
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    90 sc gas tank

    early gas tank I'm from Pa.just north of Philly.I'm finding tanks, but ups won't ship a used tank.Trying to find one close to home.
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    90 sc gas tank

    My early tank is distorted & leaking at the fuel pump, anybody have a good one they could bring to Carlisle?Or around the Phila.area?
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    90 jbl amp

    amp. 19020,don`t know if it makes a difference it`s a 90 jbl premium sound,any good subs laying around? Joe
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    90 jbl amp

    Does anybody have a good 1990-93 jbl amp?
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    Pass. fender

    fender message sent.
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    Pass. fender

    Looking for35th or black pass. fender(1990)
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    burned to the ground!!!!!!!RIP 35th anny

    wires a burning If you suspect electric fire first thing you do when pull over is carefully open hood and cut positive battery cable,the electric in the wires feeds the fire.I saved my jeep years ago doing this.
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    Motor install

    New motors going in,is it easier to bolt the motor mounts to the block first or to the k member first?
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    Head Gasket Blown

    gone 1990/85,000trying to beat a honda would not go over 95 ka bam , then dreaded white smoke