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    1994blkbirdsc.....thanks me, then complains??

    OK, I recently sold my 1995 SC. Here's the thread: I clearly described this car as having sat parked for years due to engine problems. I informed the buyer that I was not aware of the complete condition of the car because it had been...
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    Couple more parts for sale....94-5 clutch kit/slave cylinder still available

    OK, I have a couple more parts available.... 1994-95 Clutch kit. Full kit, includes clutch disc, pressure plate, bearing, alignment tool....also includes a slave cylinder. This is 100% new, see photos below. Still wrapped in plastic, only taken out of box for photos. Asking $185.00 shipped...
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    Brand new in box Professional Products 75mm TB--SOLD thanks!

    This is brand new, in the box, still in the plastic bag. Comes with throttle body gasket. Price is $120 plus $10 shipping anywhere in the 48 states.
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    1995 5-speed for sale--not running, lots of extras--SOLD, thank you!

    I hate to do this but it is time for me to handle some other things. Car is a 1995 5-speed, black with gray leather--interior is in decent shape. 109K original miles, clear title. The car does not run, engine is locked up. It has been sitting for a few years, parked on concrete, so the...
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    Power window ideas....anyone have any thoughts?

    OK, mine's a 1995 5-speed.... I already have to take apart the drivers door for the usual regulator issue. But there are two things I would like to see....and I was hoping that someone here may have solutions. first, it seems like all the vehicles from the 1990s have slow window motors. With...
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    Has anyone put a heads-up display in their SC?

    Like the title says, I know that some cars were offered with these. I have seen the corvettes, and Nissan also put a very basic one in some 240sx's. Anyone put one in their Bird?
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    Intercooler questions, all help appreciated...

    OK, we are now finally moving ahead with my 95. I am looking to set up a decent FMIC but I want to keep my a/c on the car. First, I have been told two schools of thought. I have been told both that I would have to ditch my stock radiator, and then told that I would not have to. Looking...
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    now its my turn....1995 SC 5-speed resurrection!!!

    wow, this one's been a long time coming. Finally, its time to get this one moving along! 1995 SC 5-speed, black with gray leather....and in 5 days, the project begins. Need to get a rebuild done, as it would seem that the oil pump died at highway speed. Also will need new clutch, brakes...
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    clutch and header to me...

    ok, time to get this SC project rolling. First question, I need to replace the clutch and I want something that will handle a little more than stock but not anything crazy. What's the most cost-effective clutch out there for a mildly-modified SC? Second, its getting closer to the time to put...
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    who here has swapped 89-92 front seats into 94-95 birds?

    This is something i keep going back to thinking first SC was a 1989 and i loved the front I've got a 1995 and I dont like the newer seats as much. anyone done this? if so, how hard was the swap/do they fit/etc etc? any info would be appreciated
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    hi all, I need your help please!

    hi guys & member, but from down south. Here's the deal, there is a guy from another car forum that I am on, that is massively bad news. He is up in your neck of the woods, and scams people by the hour. It seems like the more we dig, the more burned bridges we find behind this...
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    looking for 94/95 A/C parts

    I need to replace most if not all of the A/C system on my 1995....someone tried to fix a leak with that stop leak gunk and it has most likely fouled up the whole system. Shipped to 70090, thanks in advance
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    Question regarding swapping out my engine

    ok, guys and gals, here's my dilemma I have a 95 5-speed SC. I have taken it off the road for a major project, but I cant stand not driving it, so for now it is in need of a new or rebuilt engine. So, I have come across a stock 95 3.8SC engine for sale, but it came out of an AOD car. What...
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    Talk to me about new or reman longblocks--what companies offer these, which are best?

    Like the title says, mine is a 5 speed 95, and I am considering a new or reman long block. I thought I remember seeing something floating around not too long back about a company that people were having good luck with, but I cannot find it now. any thoughts?
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    help me with my project....

    alright, here's the is a 1995 SC 5 speed. I want to put more power down, but dont want to go insane. If I could get 350-400 hp to the wheels, I would be hugely satisfied. The one thing I do know I want to do is go with the MP blower upgrade. I also want to get the heads ported...
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    help with trouble codes??

    ok, on the way home tonight my check engine light came on. The car seemed to run fine, but there was a loud hissing noise whenever I gave it some gas--almost like I have an exhaust leak or something. when I got home, the car would not idle. It dies if I dont hold the RPMs at about a grand or...
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    location of coolant please

    double post--please delete
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    location of coolant please

    car is a 1995 5-speed. I am trying to chase down a coolant leak, but with all the hoses, lines, and everything else in the way, it is damn near impossible to see anything. The leak is on the passenger side, and I cannot tell if it is leaking straight off of a coolant hose or if it is dripping...
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    what would a blown head gasket sound like??

    My 95 5-speed just recently started sounding like I have an exhaust leak near the pass. side manifold....and tonight, when I shut the car off, I heard a hissing noise coming from the area of the engine that is near the front passenger side wheel/hub. This noise, I found, was a leak in the...
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    ac/heater/vent motor randomly starts and stops....

    ok, car is a 1995 5 speed. When I go to turn on the vent or defroster, in any position, nothing comes out. It will randomly turn on when I am driving sometimes, but then it shuts off randomly too, and I cannot get it to work when I turn the knob. Has anyone else seen this problem? Not really...