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    Good seller pock1

    I bought a factory shift ball for my five speed from Tony (pock1). Smooth transaction, part was as pictured and described. I am pleased. poct1 is a good dependable seller. Another good asset for the SC comunity.
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    Fuel Pump

    What is the stock factory rating on the early and late model fuel pumps?
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    New Hurst shifter knob.

    I got tired of myHurst T handle. I found this in the Hurst catalog. Its for mustang I think. I was able to make it fit and it has a nice feel. Notice the H in the top of the knob. I lost my OE when I moved. Strange I still have the OE shifter but not the knob.
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    Ceramic coated rotors

    Has anybody seen or done ceramic coated supercharger rotors?
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    fuel rails

    Did all SC engines have chromed fuel rails? I dont remember my son' s 90 having one. (But that was 13 years ago).
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    I recently bought the Spearco Intercooler from XR7Dave. He described the part, told me when it would ship, tracking number the whole bit. It arrived in a very timely manner, was well packaged and was as described. I am happy with my purchase and Dave is a stand up guy, but everybody here knows...
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    spearco intercooler

    Didnt Spearco make a replacement intercooler that was a bolt in but was wider than the factory unit?
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    MP tensioner springs.

    I took my tensioners apart to powder coat. I think my springs may be on the weak side, the acessory drve had much more tension than the jack shaft or supercharger springs. My question is, how does the stiffer springs affect bearing life for the charger beatings and the tensioner bearings. Has...
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    power steering evo o rings

    I have a power steering leak, wich i caused. The orings i removed from the swivel on the evo are square. Is this correct or has somebody been here before, do you think? I have parts coming from ford.
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    Door data plate

    I received a reproduction data plate this weekend for my 94 S.C. I would like to know the correct location to place it. Could anyone take a pic of theirs so I can see the placement.
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    Engine Balnce

    Is the 3.8 supercharged ford engine internally or externally balanced?
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    pinstripe options

    does anybody know if a factory or dealer pinstripe option was available for the super coupe or any of the birds from 89-95. The reason I ask is that i was under the impression that no such thing existed for these cars. Just yesterday I was prowling a local yard that has 6-8 of these cars, I...
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    rear glass

    I decided to set my own rear glass. It is impossible to get a glass man to come to you and do this kind of thing. I had one lined up for yesterday morning (no show), so I thought what the hay I took it out I can set it back. I was just kinda worried about my harbor freight suction cups. They...
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    drip rail molding clips

    I would like to set the rear glass back in my car. the problem is that my drip rail does not have the pins to fasten the drip rail molding to. of course none of the parts are availible from ford. i believe my car uses the plastic wedges to hold the drip rail molding clips. has anybody had any...
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    windstar upper intake

    What is the best way to clean the oily carbon from the windstar upper intake? I sprayed it with a soapy solution and am letting it soak.
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    headlight restoration

    It seems like to me that somebody from on the boards here took the headlight lenses apert to remove and replace the old yellowing glue. How did that turn out? l think i am about to try that.
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    winter storm

    Its mid morning here in east central indiana and its starting to get bad. The snow is starting to come down pretty hard.Just waiting for the wind. What are the weather conditions where you live? Guess i should go wire up my generator, i bought some more wire, since i used my original set up to...
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    basecoat clearcoat

    first time painting a car with base coat clear coat. i like it.
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    door hinge rebuild

    I have decided to go ahead and rebuild my door hinges before i paint. is cutting the pin head off the best way to remove them, looks like it to me.
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    califonia cars

    Cali cars are sweet!!! I have been messing around painting my bird and i pulled the body kit off. NO RUST! anywhere!!!! YAHOO!!!!