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    1990 35th Anniversary SC For Sale

    Located in Northern Illinois.
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    1990 35th Anniversary SC For Sale

    All original 1990 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe. 73k miles, 35th anniversary edition. Automatic, leather, sunroof, CD player. Hasn’t run for 15 years so it needs work, also has some rust underneath, paint fading, needs tires, etc. good interior condition except needs a new head unit and the...
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    1995 SC in Chicago 42k clean

    Bottom Dollar What is your bottom dollar on the bird?
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    Toronto 1990 SC red 145km offer

    Pics Please send pics to
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    91 white sc for sale $2000 obo

    Pics Please
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    For Sale: 1994 White SC auto 56,000 miles...Great Condition!!

    SC for sale Any additional pics you can send me? Where is the car normally stored? any rust on it? Any rust on the frame or undercarriage? Thanks Anthony my email is
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    94 SC Auto

    bird pm sent about car
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    started pulling top end of motor on tbird sc

    bird I want your car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you located? I am in Aurora IL. How many miles on it? Thanks Anthony emailed you as well.
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    bird pm sent on vehicle
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    92 SC near Atlanta

    bird can you send me some interior pics?
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    1993 Supercoupe Forsale Good condition

    bird mh email is can you send some pics?
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    90 Titanium SC AOD in S Calif. Bone stock $950

    For Sale How many miles are on it? I live in chicago so I would either have to have it shipped here or fly out and drive it back.