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  1. J

    Door Lock & Alarm Issue

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue with their SC. My 1990, if I unlock the driver's side door with the key, the alarm will sound when I open the door. I can unlock the passenger side with the keys and use the keyless entry and the alarm will not sound?? Any ideas?? Has done...
  2. J

    Out of Over 400 Cars, My SC makes the TOP 5 Editors Pick

    Went to a cool show back in June celebrating 80s and 90s cars called RADWOOD, and my SC was chosen by the editor as one of the top 5 Raddest Rides at Radwood. Pretty cool with some of the rare cars at this show. I've attached the link to the full article...
  3. J

    FIXED: Bucking See Last Post

    So I’ll be driving along fine then all the sudden if it increase throttle the thing starts bucking. No matter what gear I pick, the severity changes with gear obviously. If I fight through it and slowly increase to full throttle it will go away but feels like it’s losing a cylinder. It’s a 90 SC...
  4. J

    SOLD Clear Corner Turn Signals

    This is a spare set I had, one has a small chip in the corner was on my car for years, was damaged in shipping and the seller wouldn’t send me a new set so I finally ponied up for a new set after living with it for so long. I have pictures I can email over, having trouble uploading. $10 plus...
  5. J

    2 Free Front Bumpers

    If anyone needs a bumper I’m in the SF Bay Area I have two them take a look in the parts for sale for descriptions hoping someone can use them would hate to toss them out.
  6. J

    Free Bumper - San Francisco, CA

    Free to anyone who needs it I’m located in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. No rips or tears in it, does not have the SC logo on it though. Thanks. Apologies for the upside down photo the iPhone did it haha
  7. J

    Plastic Tray for Fuel Lines

    It goes under the passenger side of the car, looks like it supports the fuel and other lines it’s a plastic tray that at some point on my car was hit with either a curb or something and it took it out. Looking to get one off of a part out. Thanks.
  8. J

    Differential Bushings

    One of my two front mounts is shot. What does everyone like using? Or are their even options? Was thinking their may be a urethane option people like, perhaps a solid, or is everyone just use the stock rubber type? Curious to hear some feedback. Likes...Dislikes
  9. J

    Brand New Tokico Illumina II Front Struts

    SOLD thanks Paul
  10. J

    Tokico Illumina Rear Shocks EE3690

    Somehow in history I purchased only the front shocks for my SC and stored them away, now I’m trying to track down these rears and they are finding to be impossible. If anyone has a set, let me know will even accept a good condition used set. If this doesn’t work out I’ll be selling my fronts by...