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  1. Kurt K

    Original NSK 885925 JACKSHAFT BEARINGS

    Thanks for doing this. I bought one of your previous batches that I still haven't used.
  2. Kurt K

    Please post or forward me your Marti reports

    Thanks Kirk. Would you be willing to take pictures of the buck tag and door sticker and email them to me?
  3. Kurt K


    For clarification, the 1992 model definitely has the Teves brake ABS system that can be problematic. Move up to the 93 model if you want to avoid that
  4. Kurt K

    2024 Calendar

    Great job as usual Jim. Thanks for driving this home every year.
  5. Kurt K

    2023 sccoa fall meet/road rally oct 6/7

    What a great weekend. Thanks again for hosting Jacob. Here's some footage of part of the drive
  6. Kurt K

    2023 sccoa fall meet/road rally oct 6/7

    Can't pack until tomorrow night. Hope I don't forget anything.
  7. Kurt K

    2024 Calendar Pictures

    I can't answer for Jim, but I would think that if it is a quality, hi-res picture, then yes.
  8. Kurt K

    1989 DIS Module Alternatives

    I don't recall seeing that the wiring harness is known for breaking down, but I believe rhat is the cause of my intermittent tach issue (only happens when underhood temperatures get hot--mostly outside air temperatures higher than 65 degF) Any interest in coming to Missouri for some...
  9. Kurt K

    2024 Calendar Pictures

    Jim, I emailed a few pictures to you.
  10. Kurt K

    Horn doesnt work

    On my 1992, the physical horn is under the battery tray attached to the back of the steel bumper structure. I don't know if that location works for all years.
  11. Kurt K

    2023 sccoa fall meet/road rally oct 6/7

    I'll be driving one of my cars, probably the black 92, but maybe my 95 since it hasn't been driven in a few years
  12. Kurt K

    Introduction from new SC owner

    Lee, Sorry for your loss. Never met Ken in person, but he was always helpful. As others have stated, you may want to hold onto as many parts as you can as I'm sure Ken was stashing them for a reason, but logistically I understand that may be a problem. Good luck with everything and don't be...
  13. Kurt K

    How-to video on removing driveshaft without dropping tranny mn12

    If you are pulling the axles, don't forget about the ABS sensors.
  14. Kurt K

    The latest with my SC

    Congrats on the weight loss. That's a huge accomplishment.
  15. Kurt K

    Congrats to our 2023 Ford National winners!

    Long gone are the days of multiple SC classes at Carlise....just not enough cars. At least I think you guys had good weather this year.
  16. Kurt K

    Clutch pedal pin replacements available

    I will see David.
  17. Kurt K

    Clutch pedal pin replacements available

    I actually need one for my 95
  18. Kurt K

    Reproduction Motorcraft battery stickers

    For just battery sticker, Mustang forums would be a good source.
  19. Kurt K

    Reproduction Motorcraft battery stickers

    Was it Osborn Reproductions? I think that's who I worked with to recreate the brake booster sticker that usually falls off. Mine was barely attached, so I removed it and sent it to them to recreate. They were great to deal with in the late 90s