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    Car sold guess I'm done

    Car sold. It's been fun while it lasted. I think I've been a long time member but I guess I won't need to hold a membership anymore. How do I keep my membership from automatically renewing?
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    1995 5speed blown engine

    ****************************SOLD******************************* Project Car Car spun a bearing this morning. I have another engine pulled from a junk yard unknown condition. Dash lights don't work. Suspension and steering rebuilt about 3k ago. Recent summer tires install. Car and extra engine...
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    synthetic blends 5w20

    Anybody running the synthetic blends 5w20. I acquired some last summer but I don't know where I can use it.
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    2018 SC Shootout registration is open!

    Just and observation. Wouldn't it be cool if the shootout website INTRODUCTION actually stated where the shootout take place?
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    The answer given for the random question was incorrect.

    See that the search function isn't working anymore. I keep getting "The answer given for the random question was incorrect". I would have searched for that to see if someone else reported it but I can't.:p
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    1995 5-speed Thinking about selling if the price is right

    I picked this car up in Gainesville, FL about 9 years ago and drove it back to Connecticut. I've put about 50k on it. It's now at 146k. As much as I love driving her at 62 my left leg sometimes cramps up and no long wants to cooperate with the clutch. I've tried to keep her in good running shape...
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    hope everyone is ok out east???

    I'm a little East of Hartford, CT and I'm happy to report we got nothing but rain, no destruction! Further south near the shore there was flooding, and in the North Western Hills a lot of heavy snow took down some trees which took out some homes and personal property.
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    Speedometer out by 7kph

    Weak Spring I got a 95SC 5speed. The Speedometer has always been 7mph fast on speeds below 40mph and 5-3mph on speeds above 45mps up until it hits 85mph. It's dead on at 95mph. Tested with GPS speedometer.
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    instrument/gauge lights

    Just recently my instrument/gauge lights started acting up. Only around where the gauges are. Then the came back on. Today on the way home nothing. Weird how they came back on and now nothing. Tomorrow who knows :rolleyes:. I won't be able to do any troubleshooting until this weekend.
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    Off Topic Motor Oil Quesiton

    I'll be changing it to 5w30 synthetic this weekend. Thanks for all the information.
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    Off Topic Motor Oil Quesiton

    I live in New England I have a house backup generator that calls for 5w30 in temperatures below 32°F and 10W30 in temperatures above 32°F. I've been running 10W30 since I've had it. So far we haven't had any cold day power outages. It's time to do an oil change. Is there a better suited oil in...
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    Recommended UCA

    So I didn't think it made a difference but my car is a 95. The squeaking ones were Moog. The guy that does my work has 40 years experience and he did say every once in a while Moog does get a bad batch. If this continues I'll suggest to my tech use the ACDELCO. Doing some research here's what...
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    Recommended UCA

    Had two sets of UCA installed in the past 90 days. The last set was due to squeaking. Is there a brand recommended?
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    Bucking om acceleration

    any CEL or codes?
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    95 headlight bypass.

    Thanks for that. My effort here was to insure my headlights are on all the time. Most states now require your headlights on when you have to turn on your wipers.
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    95 headlight bypass.

    The slots and the lens have been taped off and the lights now work as expected whereas before I just had the lens taped off. Thanks!
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    Increase boost on stock motor

    My personal opinion on OD SC pulley and or Undersized Jack-shaft pulley. Leave it stock otherwise you will damage your head gasket. Run the correct gasoline and oil and don't use a lot of additives. If you have money to make major modification to your engine and get good advise from a builder...
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    95 headlight bypass.

    Picture of my dash Okay Gentlemen. Attached is a picture of my dash from the passenger's side. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, there's nothing on the driver's side of my dash. There is on the passenger's side a series of slots and a round clean lens.
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    95 headlight bypass.

    You know, I find your response to be pretty obnoxious. I don't know how old you are but, I wouldn't expect something like that from an adult.
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    95 headlight bypass.

    There's a group of slots above where it says premium sound. I taped that and no difference. Lights don't come on during the daytime.