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    Definitely interested, it's been too long.
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    Electrical issues ??

    I have no idea if it's remotely related or not but I just fought a long battle with a cam sensor issue and figured I'd share. Have you hooked up a oscilloscope to the cam sensor? I found that in my case the signal was out of spec, almost twice the peak to peak voltage, along with 'noise'...
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    Vinyl Wrap

    Black Roof. ;)
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    Hot summer days and the SC

    Apples to oranges but I know how you feel. The Terminator swapped Mark VIII I used to own would heat soak on hot summer days and 220 degrees operating temperature was pretty normal when it was 95 plus ambient temps. I ran an OBD2 gauge on it that had a programmable alarm function. I set the...
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    Hot summer days and the SC

    This was a test of a 170* t-stat... Closed at 165* Slightly open at 186*... Fully open by 196*... and at 200*...
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    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    That should work! What GPS sending unit do you have?
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    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    I would tap the DG/W wire on pin 2 of the instrument cluster and hook up a DVM and monitor the voltage when driving for a clue as to what the input is that is feeding the speedometer. Since you do not have a VSS, it must be back feeding from somewhere else? See page 64-1 in the EVTM for the...
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    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    According to the EVTM for the '96 Mark VIII, the speedometer is driven by the VSS via pin 2 (DG/W) and ground on pin 4(GY/R) on the instrument cluster connector. The VSS also is the source for the vehicle speed to the PCM via pin 58(DG/W) and ground on pin 33(PK/O) on the PCM connector...
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    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    I would have to look in the EVTM for my '96 but I can tell you the PCM gets vehicle speed on pins 33(-) and 58(+). My guess since it is the 1st year OBD2 Mark VIII, it gets vehicle speed from the wheel sensor(s) but I know there is a VSS on the 4R70W. I have found the '96 to be a one year...
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    Car show boarda does good work. ;)
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    2020 Calendar is Ready!

    Great job! :cool:
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    2020 Calendar

    Send me the email address to submit a pic in please. :D
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    2019 Midwest Bash - Head Count

    The wife and I will be headed that way in the morning. :cool:
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    2020 Calendar

    Count me in. ;)
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    mid west bash hotel rooms...

    Been booked for a while...
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    2019 Calendar

    Great job on the calendar! Thanks! :)
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    DrFishbone Engine Build Thread 2017

    Thanks! I'm going to have to remember this since I have a similar issue with the PS on another project car.
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    2018 SC Shootout registration is open!

    I'm in, hope to see you all there! :)
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    2018 HRPT June 9-15

    I had plans all in place but something came up I had to cancel them all. :mad: I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I know I'll miss it. :o Hopefully, next year will make up for it.
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    thinking of selling everything and going another way...

    Thanks. :) Unfortunately I am not registered. Too many irons in the fire at the present. Maybe we can plan next year better. :cool: