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  1. Melon

    35th Revival

    Apparently I can’t edit a post after so much time on mobile. I’m trying to clean out 9 years of well… you know :)
  2. Melon

    35th Revival

    I’m fired up again for this. Still kinda on the hunt for black interior pieces - I’m not sure how easily I’ll be able to clear out 9 years of barn. And a set of 35th wheels close to Nebraska would be awesome.
  3. Melon

    Plug and play LED headlights

    Any modifications to the wiring or adding relays like the old Competition Limited (I think that was what it was called. Think MN12 Performance days) harness from years back? I don’t do a lot of night driving, but this would be a worthwhile upgrade.
  4. Melon

    Movie producer needs 90 SC 35th anniversary edition

    That's incorrect. You could get one with a 5spd. I don't think actual production numbers are known, but they are out there.
  5. Melon

    35th Revival

    I did, now it's a matter of planning the road trip and getting the cash. When I have some saved up, we've needed it for something.
  6. Melon

    WTB - black interior

    Door panels, interior panels, rear package tray, carpet, center console, seats front and back (complete, but torn is ok. Planning to recover them) closer to Nebraska, the better. Bonus if the pieces are 35th specific. Shoot me a price and see if we can make a deal. Thanks!
  7. Melon

    35th Revival

    Hey Rich - whats your email? Got a few questions for you relating to parts and 35th SCs.
  8. Melon

    35th Anniversary registry closing down

    Anyone had any luck with contacting Lance? And has anyone considered restarting the registry?
  9. Melon

    Possible Trade: 1990 Cougar XR7

    2003 Eddie Bauer 4.6.
  10. Melon

    Possible Trade: 1990 Cougar XR7

    I'd offer my Explorer, but I think it's a bit more of a project than I can do right now. And you're probably not close to Nebraska, otherwise I'd still be tempted... yes, I have a problem. Good luck with offers/trades!
  11. Melon

    Engine upgrades

    "Measureable" gains? Open up the exhaust, overdrive the blower, and do an intercooler upgrade. No, I don't have real world HP gains. Seat of the pants? Gears and shift kit if you have an auto. Whats your goal with the car? A cruiser that's a bit more fun? Or drag strip monster? And then...
  12. Melon

    Remove wiper arms

    Tilt the wiper arm until the whole arm is level, then fiddle with the tab and the whole arm should slide up from the shaft. It may take some fiddling, but once you figure it out, it's easy.
  13. Melon

    Some stock and aftermarket parts

    Is it a legit MPII blower with MP Plenum?
  14. Melon

    Aftermarket Carpet Help.

    Can't help on a color choice, though I do like black carpet with a gray interior. If you get carpet from there, I'm curious to the fit and finish of it. I'm seriously considering new carpet for my 90, just not sure where to go just yet.
  15. Melon

    blow out sale of a lot of 90's stuff.

    Phone call or text? I can do either tomorrow. When we get a dollar amount, I'll get some cash stashed and then we can work on a when. My motivation is outrunning my wallet sadly.
  16. Melon

    1990 35th Anniversary SC For Sale

    How much are you looking to get for it? Edit - I know it says attached images, but they don't load for me. Can you retry to add them or want to email me
  17. Melon

    blow out sale of a lot of 90's stuff.

    Complete 89/90 dash with wiring, preferably from a 5spd if it matters. Any 35th door panels?
  18. Melon

    35th Revival

    Milwaukee isn't a terrible drive from Omaha... let me know what panels you have and what you want for them. Money has gotten alittle tighter as of lately, but hopefully this job change will help that. In a perfect world, I want to find a 90 SC with black interior - seat material doesn't matter...
  19. Melon

    Problem with my 89 SC

    My vote is the DIS module. That sounds alot like what happened on my SHO.
  20. Melon

    Picked up a sweet 95 5-speed!

    It looks great! How many miles on it? Any plans for it?