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    1995 Thunderbird SC 3.8L- Batch Fire

    Ok in that case, pull the engine harness, get a proper schematic and do a continuity test and cross short test, so example , test wires - point A to point B with a beeper type volt meter , then do a short test from the same point A to each of the other wires in that harness will take a...
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    1995 Thunderbird SC 3.8L- Batch Fire

    Dougs suggestion to check the harness for a short is a good idea , but it sounds like your ecu injector driver circuit is fried ...exterior sensors , cam and crank only tell the comp where the crank is at and when to fire the plug and inject fuel per cylinder, [ not batch fire ] ... easiest test...
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    Technically they are both shocks by definition , its the basic function, the type is different , same with coil overs .. still shocks . A turbo is also a type of supercharger , along with roots , screw , centrifugal etc.
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    abs warning light

    If you have done something like pulled a connector and tripped the light and are just trying to clear the code a cheap EEC4 digital reader should clear them . Or if not ,find out what the code is to find a potential problem , either way its only a few bucks on Amazon.
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    Considering buying a 90 Tbird SC

    If that is original paint it looks in great shape .... I would still factor in the many costs to run one of these cars , but if the underside is rust free and the interior is in as good shape , and you are willing to put some cash into it then this one could be a great candidate for purchase .
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    Considering buying a 90 Tbird SC

    99GSXR750 gave very good and accurate points of potential cost to run one of these cars , anyone suggesting 10K + with those kind of miles is probably either trying to sell theirs now or in the future , or don't care much about spending your money . The lack of aftermarket support for new parts...
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    Current Prices for "Nice" Super Coupes

    "I guess I`m too old now"... with all due respect ... bullschite ...unless you are on a ventilator hooked up to machines strapped to a bed then find a way to do it ... you can always ask for local help , lots of people would be quite happy to be involved in a project like that , there is a 4.6...
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    Fresh Engine rebuild... Sound like a rod knock AGAIN

    Supercharger internal coupler ... put a stethoscope on the blower snout to see if its the sound you are hearing.
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    My 89 Cougar XR7

    That model and year was my first MN12 , exactly the same from what I can see other than the rims , a great example and awesome looking car . I should have never sold that one .
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    Overdrive pulley 5% to !0% noticeable change?

    WOT .... is wide open throttle
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    Few Fall Pics

    Those rims go very well with the paint , up near the Vivian forest , nice area .
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    93 Thunderbird 5.0 turbo update.

    Thanks , its not much to listen to... I think its quieter than the factory exhaust . Although I like stealth , its even a bit too quiet for me ..... I have some stainless mufflers , can't remember the name, I had them on my turbo F150 years ago, but they are big enough to help the after turbo...
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    93 Thunderbird 5.0 turbo update.

    its got some boost now , just a mild set up , not looking for a demon killer, completely stock engine from intake to pan , has not been opened yet other than pulling the pan from underneath to install the oil drain fitting... , its got a bigger throttle body , mass air/injectors and that's about...
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    Current Prices for "Nice" Super Coupes

    Ya, there is probably something to that , I have also seen some terrible factory deck machine work on the blocks which would not help ... but every car has poor design or workmanship issues ... all becomes irrelevant if you like the car enough .. buy a new daily driver family car brand x for...
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    Current Prices for "Nice" Super Coupes

    Fox mustangs at over 2.6 million sold appears to be two and a half times the total sales of the Thunderbird MN12 and that would be for a reason, just way more popular... I agree with 35th the same year mustangs are a bit over rated , I had at least a dozen of those over the years but found the...
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    Current Prices for "Nice" Super Coupes

    All subjective... so here's mine.. I have owned at least a dozen MN12 cars , does that count ?... I don't know where you are getting the " most people on this site are wantabe SC owners " from ....was there a poll ?... ... and want to talk prices down ?... unlike you wanting to talk them up...
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    Timing Cover

    Unfortunately a more likely scenario .
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    93' LX 5.0 V8 vs. 97' LX 3.8 V6

    Walk/run away , way too much money for a car that comes with those issues . And as MadMikey said, the V6 NA will never be worth alot . If you have done your homework and it sounds like you have , then you reasonably [ there is that word again .. ] know they are not worth what the sellers want ...
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    93' LX 5.0 V8 vs. 97' LX 3.8 V6

    " unreasonable " is a word that is thrown around alot when someone is selling something, everyone has their somewhat biased opinion of what it is and isn't , some will be more accurate with facts to back them up and others will use that word to persuade a higher offer ... you gotta be willing to...
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    Fuel pump options

    could still be the regulator , but if its the original pump you may want to change it anyway . Racetronix should have a replacement for it .