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  1. Ddubb

    What other cars do you own?

    2017 Chevy SS is mine vs. 2017 GT350R is my best friends
  2. Ddubb

    Club members

    Nice, I have driven Jaguar XJR's before, felt like a solid comfortable ride. I ended up running a best of 13.03, completely stock with a dirty paper air filter and my work gear in the trunk. Just setting a baseline before I start any engine modifications. I think I could have been into the...
  3. Ddubb

    SC Blower (er, supercharger) Ducting Seal Procedure

    I think the general attitude here is that RTV works just fine. In that case, I will definitely not be making an additional batch of the Teflon IC gaskets. - Dan
  4. Ddubb

    How fast?

    As high as the speedo goes, 145+ mph in my 1994 SC. It still had plenty to go. - Dan
  5. Ddubb

    Club members

    Hi Dan, Good to see there are some people still around here. I thought this message would have sat unanswered for a year. Your PM box is full by the way. I received your message on Ebay. I posted a small note about this in the SCCOA tech forum. As of this moment, I am currently out of...
  6. Ddubb

    Club members

    I thought this chapter was pretty much dead. Everybody I knew from back in the day no longer owns a SC - we have no meets, and half of the people don't even have a running SC anyways. - Dan
  7. Ddubb

    SC Blower (er, supercharger) Ducting Seal Procedure

    Thanks for the link. Yeah those are my gaskets - I just don't frequent this board as often lately. Ive moved on to other projects ( I got hated on the last time I shared my Chevys, so I wont bother you guys with that ), but I still own two of these SC's. anyways .. Ive basically ran through...
  8. Ddubb

    New California exhaust law for 2019

    This law is not new. Its been 95 db for quite some time - they just changed the fine. Its aimed at people with more obnoxious exhaust systems who obviously deserve it. Im sure you guys love 4 cylinder Hondas with fart can exhaust in whatever state you live in also. If you do receive a...
  9. Ddubb

    WTB an SC but don’t know where to start

    You could always buy my 1994 SC opal frost / gray cloth and 1995 SC black / gray leather. The 95 SC is missing engine / trans, but the 94 5 speed has a good drivetrain / salvage title. Between the two you could make the 1995 a pretty solid car ( original 95 5 speed, clean title ) .. both...
  10. Ddubb

    Looking for a few miscellaneous accessories

    I have a pair of brand new 94/95 Clear corner markers if you are still looking. Not sure how much, cheaper than you can buy them online I suppose.
  11. Ddubb

    k-member knowledge needed

    The 89-92 K-members and 93-98 are basically the same, the difference is that the passenger side motor mount location has been moved over about 1 inch on the later model to accomodate the 4.6 engine. So the 95 Tbird would be the same as the Mark.
  12. Ddubb

    Parted out a couple 1994/1995 SC's

    Oil cooler line, do think so .. looks like this one was repaired with hose and a hose clamp. Radiator, yes I have one, but probably cheaper to buy a new one than an old used one including shipping ( unless you were local ) Weatherstripping, yes .. I have all sorts of pieces in good condition...
  13. Ddubb

    Parted out a couple 1994/1995 SC's

    I posted about the condition of the 5 speed console top in the post above the second request. Its not good unless you like screws in the top and butterfly stickers on it. No spoilers on any of my vehicles, sorry.
  14. Ddubb

    Parted out a couple 1994/1995 SC's

    Sorry, Ive never owned an automatic SC. These SC's were manual, all I have are 5 speed parts. Not sure how much is left of the interior, I already gave the dash, door and rear sail panels away to a local Tbird owner. All I have at the moment are the seats from the interior set. The 5 speed...
  15. Ddubb

    Parted out a couple 1994/1995 SC's

    Seat pan ? I have two sets of seats .. the gray/all leather seats are very worn, ripped on the back along the top. The other set is gray leather / cloth .. very good condition, although I have no idea how youd get them to where you are located at. I have two dipstick tubes, one for 89-93...
  16. Ddubb

    Parted out a couple 1994/1995 SC's

    I had already scrapped one and sold the other vehicles complete interior to a local SC owner. No auto consoles, they were both 5 speed. The only auto console top I have is for an LX, so no provision for the SC E-brake.
  17. Ddubb

    Parted out a couple 1994/1995 SC's

    Sorry I should have been a little clear on some details. The cars were basically all stock, so nothing high performance.
  18. Ddubb

    Parted out a couple 1994/1995 SC's

    I had a couple of 1994/1995 SC's parted out over here a few years back. I ended up with a bunch of spare parts. Too many for me to inventory and list, so if there is something you are looking for, just ask and I will try to look for it. I am flexible on pricing, can combine shipping. Larger...
  19. Ddubb

    Need early model dipstick and tube

    I think I have one if you cant find one elsewhere. - Dan
  20. Ddubb

    Rear Differential, Aluminum Mark 8 case, 3.73 with Trac-Lok

    For sale: Aluminum differential case from Mark VIII 3.73:1 Gears ( Ford OEM gears, not aftermarket Motive or FRPP gears, these are actual Ford production parts from an Explorer or Expedition ) Trac-Lok - Limited slip, Rebuilt with New clutches ( Ford rebuild kit ) F-150 S-Spring, stronger than...